‘Sense8’ update: J.Michael Straczynski Assures Fans of Season 2 Renewal

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ update: J.Michael Straczynski Assures Fans of Season 2 Renewal

With each passing day, excitement around the renewal of “Sense8” season 2 keeps on increasing. Creators of the show along with fans and well wishers wait with fingers crossed and hope that a good news to come their way soon. To ease out the anxiety, riding on the renewal decision, co-creator of the series J.Michael Straczynski had some words to share.

According to Venture Capital Post, J.Michael Straczynski has expressed his high hopes on the show’s renewal on internet streaming giant Netflix, and has stated that a decision about it will be given real soon, maybe this week. Ever since the show has received extremely positive reviews from audiences, it seems Netflix has a big responsibility to made a decision. It is also relieving to know that the representatives from the streaming giant who met Straczynski a few days back were all praises for the show and informed him that fans of the show have been watching the entire season multiple times, on an average the first season has been seen at least four to five times.

The anxiety over the second season renewal started when the company did not make any announcement about it and kept quite on the issue. However J.Michael Straczynski’s statement about the second season restored hopes for every fan. He recently added that the show is up for renewal with the authorities at Netflix and it is only a matter of two weeks before the streaming giant will give him their final decision. With the representatives informing him about the show’s mind boggling response and fans continuous support to the renewal decision, Netflix will not have much choice but to renew the show because the content of the series has dealt with issues that have not been seen before on television. The upcoming seasons will also hopefully touch on other interesting issues and engage audiences even more.

With five seasons already planned out, the creators definitely have something big in mind. Its just a matter of two weeks before the second season finds its way back on the streaming service.

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