Sensitive Skin Recap: Not The Haitian Corpse

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sensitive Skin Recap: Not The Haitian Corpse
Kim Cattrall and Canadian Film Centre alumnus Don McKellar at the 18th CFC Annual Gala and Auction.8 February 2012, 21:55:42. Wikimedia Commons/Canadian Film Centre

Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 5 “Not the Haitian Corpse” aired on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on HBO Canada. Davina’s mother has died and she has to make funeral arrangements with Ronnie. Read on to learn more about what happened in this episode.

Davina (Kim Cattrall) was on the phone talking to Ronnie (Joanna Gleason), whose character hasn’t been established as her sister until in this episode. Anyway, she wanted her involved in the funeral preparations for their mother, even though Ronnie has never made an effort to visit her while she was at the retirement center.

Al (Don McKellar) was at his doctor, who was introduced in the episode “Three Sisters.” He’s getting a consult for this neck pain and the doctor asked him what has been going on in his life, as this pain was indicative of stress. Al confided that while he’s doing okay, his wife is mourning, so they haven’t been having sex. The doctor suggested to brighten his wife’s mood so as to “increase the likelihood of intercourse.”  If he gets sex, then he’ll get relief from stress. So, Al thought he would hire a painter for their apartment and requested to have one part of the wall by their kitchen painted with a bright, shiny splash of color. Later, the painter chose to use blood red, which Davina didn’t like.

Davina was at the gallery when Roger (Colm Feore), Ronnie’s husband, came to visit. He said that he wanted to do something for Ronnie. He showed Davina a pack of photos taken during their “happier times,” which was on their last get together as two couples. He wanted Davina to do a collage of it. But how can these photos make Ronnie happy when they were all images of Davina? Roger was acting very strangely. Was he coming on to her?

Back home, Davina found Al cooking stew and saw that the wall was being prepped up for his surprise to her. Davina didn’t like surprises, he knew that. But there’s also another surprise as Orlando (Nicholas Wright), their son, was home for the funeral rites.

Orlando was looking at suits from his dad’s closet and as always, he was whining. Davina reminded he that he needed to dress up for his grandmother and Orlando said that he was dressing up to the funeral for his mother and not his grandmother, who’s already dead.

The next day, Al was at his doctor again for a different kind of physical therapy. Was he getting any sex yet? The doctor instead recommended that he should get high. Later, Al confided to his wife that his doctor was a disappointment because, for all his medical science background, all he could come up as a solution to his health problems was to smoke a joint. Davina wasn’t surprised. What did she always say about the doctor, anyway?

Davina was done with Roger’s collage. When she gave it to him, he again expressed weird feelings to her. What was Roger thinking coming on to his sister-in-law? When he followed her home, Davina hid from him so that she won’t have to talk to him.

At their mother’s funeral, Ronnie arrived looking really devastated. She started crying and Davina rushed to her side. But realizing that Ronnie was crying for a different reason, she grabbed Roger and lectured him about shoving his feelings for her. Ronnie didn’t understand what Davina was mad about.

Later, as Al, Davina, Orlando and Michael (Roger and Ronnie’s son) were smoking a joint at Davina’s house, they find out the reason for Roger’s odd behavior. He lost his job and he was being investigated for embezzling company funds. He now wants to be an artist. Hearing that, it all became clearer to Davina, who thought Roger was hitting on her. He only wanted to get inputs from her about art. But learning that Davina thought Roger was wooing her, Al became furious.

Al: “Roger hits on you and you hide it from me, right? The piano guy hits on you, and you say you don’t see the sign? Didn’t you ride on his bike? Robert fucking Ringwald hits on you and what did you do? You go to the playground with him! Davina, what is going on?”

Davina left the room crying when the episode ended.

And that’s what happened to “Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 5 “Not the Haitian Corpse,” which aired on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on HBO Canada. What will happen to Al and Davina in the season finale next week? Follow the recap here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Canadian Film Centre

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