Sensitive Skin Recap: The Mummy

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sensitive Skin Recap: The Mummy
2007. Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth

Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 4 “The Mummy” aired on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada.  The couple took piano lessons that didn’t end up well. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Al (Don McKellar) lazily parked his car and apparently hit the other car in front of him. The lady who owns it complained at him, but Al said that it looked like her car has been hit many times before. The lady accused him of being a sexist, and they kept arguing on the street, until the lady took something from her car and broke the windshield on Al’s Jaguar. She clearly was having a meltdown.

Davina (Kim Cattrall) and Al were with their friends, Roger (Colm Feore) and Ronnie (Joanna Gleason), from the first episode “The Other Davina,” hitching a ride to this birthday surprise for Ronnie, but they had to make a pit stop. Al, with his car at the shop, wasn’t used to sitting at the back of someone else’s car. He also didn’t like the smell of Roger’s leather seats, so he had to throw up. While Al was puking by the roadside, Roger talked to Davina inside the car, telling her that she could have done better life in life if she had not married Al.

Davina: “Al is a very successful columnist!”

Roger: “Hah! You and I measure success with different rulers. You use the fantasy ruler. I look at a man’s annual income.”

Roger went on and on, describing Al as middle class. He was also badmouthing the gift they gave him for Christmas, which was a series of piano lessons from a teacher that Roger didn’t like. The teacher was a punk who made a pass at his wife, Ronnie. Upset, Davina took back that gift because they have seven more piano lessons left.

Back home, Davina told Al that she felt bad for arguing with a prick like Roger when she was only defending her life choices and her husband’s pretensions. Al said not to mind Roger because he has no taste. Davina mentioned the piano lessons, so they must get a piano.

Davina was having coffee with her son, Orlando (Nicholas Wright), because she wanted to borrow his piano, which has been in storage for so long. But Orlando has issues about it, bringing up his childhood and blaming his parents once again. Finally, he relented on the following conditions: donate the piano to old people after they are done with it and pay him $200. Davina bargained with $150.

So the piano guy, Greg, and the couple had their first lesson. Roger was right, he was kind of a punk who rode a motorcycle, but he was nice to Davina at first. While Al was at the piano, Greg and Davina were in the kitchen. He talked about his plans and dreams. Davina was curious, and then the guy started to flirt with her, which Al saw.

At night, as Al attempted to romance his wife, Davina begged off, saying her breasts were tender from medication. So they talked about Greg instead. Al asked if he was flirting, but Davina said, “He’s just going through some things, and I was giving him the friendly ear.” Was Al jealous? He reasoned that he kind of looked hot in leather pants.

Davina was having tea with Ronnie who said “I told you so!” when Davina mentioned this thing with Greg. Ronnie confessed that he would’ve gotten on with him, if not for her husband being there. Davina was shocked at Ronnie’s declaration.

The next day, Greg arrived at Davina’s house, who told him that he was two days early for their next piano lesson. Greg instead invited Davina to his “discoveries,” so they rode off on his motorbike. He brought her to a museum and showed her this 3,000-year-old mummy. He mentioned during their first meeting that he was into archeology.

Davina imagined this mummy alive and talking to her, telling her that Greg was giving him all these signals. Is she going to go for this? The mummy said she would grab Greg’s ass and go for it.

They were in the storage room alone together, and all Davina could think about was getting sexual with Greg. He started kissing her, and she kissed back. But when Greg started calling her, “My mummy…” as he was kissing her, Davina was taken aback.

Davina: “Either you think of me as a 3000-year-old corpse, or you think of me as your mommy. Either way…that’s just not good.”

Davina left Greg in the storage in a hurry.

Al was playing the piano at home, while Davina just sat there, pensive. He asked why the piano teacher hasn’t arrived yet, and Davina couldn’t answer. Al guessed what happened, but Davina said that she sent him the wrong signals, and she apologized for being stupid.

In the final scenes of this episode, the couple was shown donating the piano to a retirement center, where they found out Greg was actually the teacher of the old ladies. They left it at that. It wasn’t their problem anymore. But then, they saw Greg leaving the parking lot at the retirement center, so they followed him, and they learned that he was married to the lady that Al had an altercation with at the parking lot.

And that’s it for “Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 4 “The Mummy,” which aired on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada.  By the way, United Kingdom viewers will get to watch “Sensitive Skin” soon. According to its star, Kim Cattrall, the show is arriving from across the pond.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth

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