Sensitive Skin Recap: The Old Woman [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
Sensitive Skin Recap: The Old Woman [WATCH VIDEO]
Kim Cattrall chatting with etalk on the red carpet for the Canadian premiere of “Meet Monica Velour”, hosted by the Canadian Film Centre. April 13, 2011.

Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 2 “The Old Woman” aired on Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. Davina’s mother had a stroke, which prompted her to face her own mortality. Al got reacquainted with an ex-girlfriend. Read the details of what happened in this episode in our recap below.

The episode opened with Al (Don McKellar) and Davina (Kim Cattrall) walking around the neighborhood. Al spotted a convenience store and asked his wife for some money so he could buy cigarettes. He told her that his credit card has not arrived yet, while his debit card’s magnetic strip was ruined inside his wallet, so he does not have any access to money just yet. While Al was making a purchase, Davina waited outside and came across someone she knew from high school. Tracy Whitaker remarked that Davina had not changed; she was still beautiful. Tracy thought she would make it to Hollywood back when they were younger, and Davina said that she instead worked as a model in Milan and New York. Tracy was envious because she always thought of herself as short and ugly. But when Davina asked her what she ended up doing, and then learning that Tracy was actually a brain surgeon, Davina wondered if her life was indeed better.

Davina was at the nursing home to visit her mom who had at least five episodes of stroke. Al, meanwhile, was in a clinic to have his throat checked. He was suspecting he had cancer. But the wait at the clinic was too long. A patient, Sarah Thorne (Helene Hughes), a hard-hitting journalist, made a scene and reprimanded the doctor and his staff for letting patients wait. Al introduced himself to her, saying that they used to date when they were younger.

Sarah: “Why are you here?

Al: “I have a tickle in my throat. It might be cancer. Their running test. You?”

Sarah: “Botox.”

Later, the two of them smoked outside the clinic, reminiscing about old times. Sarah told Al that she always knew he would be someone big, but Al has always let fear control him, so it held him back. She also mentioned that she and Al had such good sex back in the day.

Back home, Davina was looking at some old photos of her and her mother when Al’s phone rang. It was Sarah, and she wanted to meet with Al for lunch to talk about maybe having him on her radio talk show. Al asked permission from Davina if she could meet up with this old friend. Davina said he did not need her permission, but Al said he was being considerate on account of Davina going through some stuff with her mother.

Because he still did not have access with money, Al asked Davina $80, which he figured would cover the lunch with Sarah. At the restaurant, Al found Sarah reprimanding the waiter for something trivial when he came in. Later, they ate and talked and then set a date for Al’s interview on her show. When it was time to pay, Al handed the $80, but the waiter said that their bill was $83. Al tried to reason, but the waiter would not budge, until Sarah called the waiter off.

Davina was having lunch with their son Orlando (Nicholas Wright), and they talked about her mother. He was more realistic about death saying that when someone is gone, that is it. His views about death were so different from Davina who was starting to fear it.

That night, Al listened to Sarah’s radio show, apprehensive that she was going to humiliate him when he’s the guest. Al needed to prepare, or else Sarah was going to eat him alive. The next day, Davina went to visit her mom, while Al went to Sarah’s studio. In an attempt to be funny during the interview, Al ended up insulting Sarah, which surprised her. During the break, Al explained that he was afraid she was going to hit him hard with the questions, but Sarah said that Al, the pop culture critic, was supposed to be funny and entertaining. She had no plans of making the interview difficult because he wasn’t a politician or a celebrity she hated. The truth was, Sarah only asked Al for the interview so that they could have sex again. Al explained that he was having sex exclusively for many years now — with his wife. Al wondered if they could do the interview all over again, and Sarah bluntly said no because she really just wanted to have sex.

At the nursing facility, Davina was talking to her mom and showing her pictures. She was unconscious, of course, but Davina used this time to discuss issues that she was feeling, such as relishing the fact that sometimes she would rather spend more time in the bathroom to hide from Al. Suddenly, the old woman on the next bed was awake and told Davina that it was normal to feel what she was feeling. She also talked about what Orlando said about dying, which surprised Davina because she never knew this woman before and didn’t think she had been talking to Orlando.

“I suggest you find out what you want and get it as quickly as possible. We’re all at death’s door, my dear,” the old woman said, and then she strangely ran out of breath and died. As Davina came to her senses, she realized she was just hallucinating about the old woman, just like she had been hallucinating in the previous episode (“The Other Davina“).

Later that night, Davina was at the butcher, buying meat she doesn’t really eat. She received a call from her husband who told her that he misjudged the interview. Al said “I love you” to her, but Davina looked like she was having a hard time saying it back. She threw the meat she bought and then boarded the subway for home.




And that’s what happened in “Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 2 “The Old Woman,” which aired on Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. For more recaps about this show, keep on checking Movie News Guide (MNG).

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