Sensitive Skin Recap: The Other Davina [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sensitive Skin Recap: The Other Davina [WATCH VIDEO]
2007. Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth

Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode “The Other Davina” aired on Sunday, July 20, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. Davina was going through midlife crisis, questioning her happiness and the happiness of the people in her life. Read on to learn more about what went on in the pilot episode.

The show opened with Davina (Kim Cattrall) inside a drugstore. She was buying another batch of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), but the pharmacist was hesitant to give her more. She asked Davina why she needed to keep using this, citing her age and the side effects of prolonged use of HRT. Davina said that the medication helped with making her look younger. The pharmacist suggested she get a haircut instead. She cannot possibly get ovarian cancer from a haircut, could she?

Davina went home sullen and spaced out, preoccupied with her hair and, well, her life in general. Her husband, Al (Don McKellar), was babbling about a book and some writer, but Davina was lost in her own thoughts.

In the morning, as the couple stepped out of the house, they spot this bystander by their apartment, who, Al noted, was also there yesterday and several days before. Al surmised that this guy was a drug dealer. Davina thought otherwise.

At work, Davina, who takes care of an art gallery, was looking at websites for chairs and sofas for their new house. Sam (Bob Martin), who works with her, started talking about what’s on display, which were mirrors created in an artful way, and Sam said that these pieces were a reflection of age. It made Davina uncomfortable thinking about it.

Davina talked to Sam about what she’s feeling, and Sam didn’t have any advice but cited what this was going to lead to. He didn’t paint a pretty picture.

He said that it would start with the hair change, which would lead to her hiring of a personal trainer, which he’s sure Davina would screw around with. And then she’d lose 20 lbs because of shame. Then lies would start spilling, which would lead to arguments at home with Al, which would then create stony silences, followed by a trial separation, and then finally, a letter from the lawyers. Sam knew what he was talking about. Apparently, when his wife got bangs, their marriage crumbled.

Davina told him that she’s not leaving Al. They have a long history, and she wasn’t about to destroy all that.

Al and Davina’s son, Orlando (Nicholas Wright), arrived at his parents’ new apartment to bring his dog for them to babysit while he’s away. He told Al that his girlfriend left him all because he has no sperm.  He conveniently blamed his parents for everything that’s going wrong in his life. His father told him, “Not everything has a cause. Sometimes we are visited by tragedy. It’s random, it has no meaning.”

Al took a chance and talked to the guy who had been loitering by their apartment. Apparently, his name was Theodore (Cle Bennett) who 1) likes Ann Murray, 2) is a diabetic, and 3) is saving enough money to get his real estate license. Al was right — Theodore is a drug dealer. They become chummy, and Al bought pot from him.

Davina bought this weird sofa that Al thought would come alive while they’re asleep. But Davina loved it and spent a good amount of time sitting and laying down on it while smoking pot.

Later that night, the couple headed to the opening at the gallery with their friends, Roger (Colm Feore) and Ronnie (Joanna Gleason), and even Theodore and the dog. Roger and Ronnie were kind of snooty and judgmental. Ronnie told Al that Davina has changed a lot that it was like she was deliberately doing away with her previous life with her old friends. Al defended his wife from Ronnie.

Just then, in the middle of the gallery, a surreal thing happened: Davina saw her reflection and then talked to this reflection. She thought she was going crazy but told her reflection that she could be depressed. Her reflection agreed that they have a serious problem. Davina was interrupted by Al, who asked if she’s ready to go home.

The next morning, as Al and Davina were walking around the city, Davina stopped by a hair salon. She got inside, thinking she would get a haircut. She asked Al if he’s happy or if she changed much or if he liked her hair. Al said that she’s still the same person he married and that he’ll only follow whatever she wanted to do. Davina decided to get a blow dry instead, and the couple left the salon.

Later that night, Davina sat on her weird couch again, contemplating… reflecting.

So that’s what happened on “The Other Davina,” the very first episode of “Sensitive Skin,” which aired on Sunday, July 20, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. Did you catch the pilot? Did you like the premise of the show? Will you keep watching?

Don’t forget to watch the video of Kim Cattrall and Don McKellar talking about their new show below. Follow more of “Sensitive Skin” only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth



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