Sensitive Skin Recap: Three Sisters [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sensitive Skin Recap: Three Sisters [WATCH VIDEO]
Kim Cattrall and Canadian Film Centre alumnus Don McKellar at the 18th CFC Annual Gala and Auction.8 February 2012, 21:55:42. Wikimedia Commons/Canadian Film Centre

Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 3 “The Three Sisters” aired on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. Al and Davina met Robert Ringwald, a writer who offered each of them something they thought long and hard about. Read on to know what happened in this episode.

“The Three Sisters” opened with Al (Don McKellar) at the doctor’s office, awaiting his test results. It turned out he didn’t have throat cancer, which he thought he was suffering from in the previous episode (“The Old Woman”). Before he left the clinic though, his doctor thought he had an “asymmetrical blink,” so the doctor ordered an eye test just to be sure.

Al told his wife about what happened at the doctor’s, and Davina (Kim Cattrall) thought it was all a “crock of shit.” She said Al has been going to this same guy for 13 years and not once did he find anything wrong with him. He’s terrible, and he’s just milking money off Al, and yet Al still goes to see him for check-ups.

The two were at a cocktail party with Al’s writer colleagues. Davina said she really didn’t like going to these things, but Al needed to be there to network with other writers, including the who’s who in the literary field.

A waiter accidentally spilt white wine on Davina’s clothes, so she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom to clean up. While in the bathroom, Davina took time to stare at her image in the mirror, lost in thoughts, when a man came in. She apparently forgot to lock the bathroom door, but she allowed him in anyway since she was almost done tidying up. The man was instantly smitten by Davina and introduced himself as Bob, a writer. When he asked what Davina does for work, she rambled off and said a lot of things, sort of convincing herself more about the state of her life.

“Things come up, life leaves you choices leading you somewhere you didn’t expect or want at that time,” she said.

Al was told by a friend that one of his favorite writers, Robert Ringwald, was at the party. It turned out, Robert Ringwald was Bob, whom Davina met in the bathroom. Al was pleased they met. He was even more thrilled that Bob offered him to join this elite book club where they “judge” new releases with other literary bigwigs.

The next day, the doctor told Al that his eye test was inconclusive and that they will have to do further testing to rule out any threatening diseases. In the meantime, can Al not use his eyes? He was in a dilemma because he had all these books to read and analyze for Bob’s book club.

Bob went to visit Davina at her place of work — the art gallery. She thought he went there to buy something, but he boldly told her that he has everything except someone to share it with. He professed that he found what he was looking for in her, and Davina was flattered that he can be so honest.

Davina: “But, I’m not for sale.”

Bob: “I’m not trying to buy you. I just want to share my life with you.”

Bob asked if they can have drinks, but she declined.

Davina came home to find Al being read to by their neighbor, Theodore, because he was “resting” his eyes, per doctor’s orders. He was even wearing sunglasses when it was already nighttime. Davina thought this was crazy, as “reading does not cause cancer,” but Al was still worried for his health. Because he had so much reading to do for that book club with Bob, he told Davina he couldn’t come to her for the play. So Davina went to watch “The Three Sisters” alone.

At the play, Davina had another episode where she seemed to be hallucinating. She became part of the play and told the three sisters that she wanted to get away to Santa Barbara. When they asked why she chose this particular place, Davina said it’s because Bob lives in Santa Barbara. When they asked why him, Davina enumerated all the qualities he liked about Bob. One of the sisters said that she knew how this was going to end, and it was not good.

The next day at the art gallery, Bob visited Davina again, and she entertained him because she really wanted to talk and tell him that whatever he wants would be impossible. She is married to Al. Bob confessed that he was keeping Al busy with all those books to read so that Davina could spend time with him. For some reason, when Bob asked if they could take a walk in the playground at a nearby park, Davina agreed.

Sitting on a swing in the playground, Bob asked Davina to envision herself in a white beach house. What does she see? She said she saw herself walking with a dog and someone else… She said it was Bob. He almost planted a kiss on her head when their friend from the party saw the both of them. Awkwardly, Davina said they had to go and said goodbye to the friend.

Back home, Al was very busy writing his reviews for the book club. He felt that he was going to disappoint the rest of those attending, so he wanted to do his best. Davina thought that her husband was always worried about something, unsure of himself.

At the book club, surrounded by literary experts, Al was ready to impress. Giving his first shot at a book analysis, he gave a long and elaborate talk that bored everybody. When it was the turn of the other members, they only said one-word reviews, describing the book as either “garbage,” “terrible” or “shit.”  Bob was there, and he looked depressed. He was also wearing sunglasses indoors.

There was another party thereafter, and Davina was there with Al. She saw Bob, and they met up at the bathroom once again. But Bob wasn’t himself. Still wearing sunglasses, he told Davina he may have brain cancer because this doctor told him he had this “asymmetrical blink” and the test was inconclusive. Davina realized that Bob, despite his dashing moves and magical words, was just like Al after all. She left him in a huff.

In the same party, the friend who saw Bob and Davina at the playground told Al about it. The next day, the two met at their doctor’s office. While it wasn’t shown how it happened, Al came home from the doctor’s needing bandages on his fist, while Bob was seen at a book event with a black eye.

That’s it for our recap of “Sensitive Skin” Season 1 Episode 3 “The Three Sisters,” which aired on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO Canada. Check out the video interview of the stars of the show below. Follow more of “Sensitive Skin” only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Canadian Film Centre


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