Serena Williams Is AP Female Athlete Of the Year For Fourth Time

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Serena Williams Is AP Female Athlete Of the Year For Fourth Time
Serena Williams

Serena William, 34, had to spend a lion’s share of her time countering queries about if she would be able to finish the Grand Slam. She acknowledges now how much she had desired for this rare feat of winning the 4th AP female athlete of 2015.

Serena Williams admits that she wanted it but also says that winning a major title can be a tough task. She shares that those who know her will agree how much she hates to lose a game.

The tennis player’s grit and determination was proved repeatedly this year along with her fine serve and a surprising comeback. In fact, she almost became the first tennis player in the world in over a quarter-century who has won all the 4 prestigious Grand Slam tournaments in the same season.

In a vote where the news directors and U.S. editors took part, Williams was selected as the AP Female Athlete of this year for the 4th time. Now isn’t that a great feat?

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The results of the vote were declared on this Friday.

While Serena Williams was in the top spot, Carli Lloyd was the runner up, and Ronda Rousey came third in the ranking. Incidentally she was just a spot ahead of her UFC opponent Holly Holm who defeated her just last month.

The Male Athlete of the Year will be declared by the AP on this Saturday.

Williams had earlier received the AP award three times- 2002, 2009 and 2013. She is now at tie with Christ Evert for being honored  for the 4th time by the AP. The only female athlete in terms of more AP awards than her is Babe Didrikson who won it for 6 times, 5 times for golf and once for athletics.

According to ESPN, Evert spoke highly about Serena William’s feat saying that it was not as if the tennis player had 2 to 3 narrow escapes. Actually, it was the real comeback season for Williams. Her wins have been unbelievable.

Serena Williams was the winner of Australian Open in January followed by the French Open in June, Wimbledon in July before she lost in the semifinals of the US Open in the month of September. In fact her loss in the semifinals is regarded as one of the greatest upsets in the history of tennis.


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Serena Williams

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