Serena Williams And Drake Are In Serious Relationship?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago

Serena Williams and Drake are in love, but how serious is their relation, that is the big question. Rumors are erupting that they might be expecting a baby. According to sources close to the singer, he has different views when it comes to relations.

According to, Serena William, 33, and Drake, 29, are keeping their relation in secrecy. However, as per the rumors that are floating out we can have an idea on what they want to have in their romance. In simple and straight words, it can be said that Drake is in love with Serena, but he is not a family kind of guy certainly not the one who can stay with one woman for long.

Drake does not want to stay committed to only one woman all through his life. The kind of profession he is in, brings in lots of women and he likes to have attention from them. He can be described as a “player.”

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According to reports, it is said that there can be a new woman for Drake every day if he desires to have, and this is what he usually does. Serena is in for a wrong person in case she wishes to have a one man relation.

According to, it is good to know that there is still something that is happening between Serena and Drake, but we also wish that they stay together for a long time to come. It is too early to predict anything or to come to a definite conclusion, as yet. We only hope that Drake realize that the sensational tennis player is the woman that he had been looking for.

Photo Source: Facebook/Serena Williams

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