Did Serena Williams ‘Friendzone’ Drake?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Did Serena Williams ‘Friendzone’ Drake?
Serena Williams

Yes, there had been strong rumors in July this year that ace tennis player Serena Williams and Drake had been dating each other. It was not the first time the duo had been linked as they apparently had a fling way back in the year 2012. But, it seems Serena would be happier being ‘just friends’ with Drake.

This was really unexpected contrary to strong rumors of a fling between Serena Williams and the rapper Drake earlier this year. Now it seems that Serena would rather be in a friend zone with Drake despite the grapevine going wild about their supposed relationship.

In the semi-finals of Wimbledon this year, after Williams emerged victorious against her rival Maria Sharapova, Drake was present at Wimbledon’s Centre Court.  Thereafter, he could be also spotted at a news conference of Williams.

According to Defamer Serena Williams was asked in the press conference by one of the reporters about whether she would consider Drake as her ‘lucky mascot’ or not.

Williams responded to the reporter’s query by rolling her eyes. Drake broke down into laughter and covered his face after leaning forward.

Williams said that she and Drake had been good pals since several years. They were just like two members of the same family.

The player re-iterated that they were not only friends but more like family. It was not quite what was expected. You might have found some folks getting friendzoned earlier, but never did it happen the way Serena did so with Drake at the Wimbledon this year. Usually, Serena Williams is nt so ferocious unless she is playing her tournaments on a tennis court. In fact, the supposed link-up between the duo had led to a grudging relationship between Common and Drake.

However, Serena William’s statement simply proved that there was no romantic relationship between them.


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Serena Williams

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