Serena Williams’ Sexy Booty Over Instagram; The Tennis Player Spotted Kissing Drake [Watch The Video]

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

Serena Williams seems to love flaunting her assets. The professional tennis player has recently posted a sexy selfie of her booty over Instagram obviously to grab the attention of the rapper Drake. The photograph seems to have been clicked in front of a bathroom mirror in which she has given a light smiling.

The 33-year old player, who ranked no. 1 in women’s singles tennis on six separate occasions, is undeniably looking nonpareil in her white skin-tight attire for incredibly exposing her curves. As you can see, her untied curly hair resting over her shoulder and the way she has turned on one side not only swells her beauty, but also she looks no less than a Hollywood actress to entice her fans at a glimpse.

In case this is beyond your mind, Williams was recently spotted together with Drake on August 23, just a few hours after she won the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tournament in Cincinnati. There was an umpteen of speculations of “something” more than mere friendship between them in the last couple of months. As claimed by, now an aroma of a tad flirtation is slowly spreading when the 28-year old Drake was first observed cheering the tennis player at Wimbledon in July this year followed by his presence at the recent WTA tournament in Cincinnati.

According to Gulf News, this is for the second time Williams is giving him a consideration. Although the duo had dated back in 2011, but when a photograph of Drake with model Dollicia Bryan caught Williams’ attention, she instantly contracted her openness with him.

However, as we know, time is a great healer, both have once again started taking each other seriously. Williams and Drake had a superb moment at uber-fancy Sotto restaurant on August 23 where they ordered delicious Italian cuisines with a round of tequila shots. They were also reportedly joined by other six friends. The exclusive video taken by TMZ Sports correspondent shows how the love birds came close to each other by kissing and cuddling while a lot of patrons watched them. So, don’t miss the video below or you will miss what the resurrection of love stands for.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Serena Williams

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