‘Sesame Street’ Sonia Manzano Retires As Maria; Hints Return For Show’s 50th Anniversary

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Sesame Street’ Sonia Manzano Retires As Maria; Hints Return For Show’s 50th Anniversary
Sonia Manzano

Sonia Manzano, known for her role as Maria in “Sesame Street” is retiring from the beloved children’s program. Read for more details.

E! Online reported that Sonia Manzano, who is best known for playing as Maria on the American television series “Sesame Street” from 1971 to 2015, is now retiring from the show after 44 years of her splendid performance.

The American Libraries Association tweeted the news of Manzano’s exit from the program, after she attended their annual conference earlier this week, said the source.

“After 45 years on Sesame Street, @SoniaMManzano will no longer appear on the next season,” the tweet read.

Sesame Workshop (SW) declared, “Sonia Manzano has announced her retirement from Sesame Street, but she will always be a part of the fabric of our neighborhood.”

Being the first leading Latina woman on television, Sonia serves as a role model for young girls and women for generations, said the American non-profit organization. SW further said that they would always be thankful for her dedication and 44 years of service on “Sesame Street”

During her 44-year career, her groundbreaking performance as the iconic Maria on “Sesame Street,” and as a member of Sesame Street’s writing team, Manzano has earned 15 Emmy awards.

Fans are very depressed about the exit of Manzano from “Sesame Street.” However, the American actress tried consoling fans on Twitter. She even said that she might return at some point.

“Maybe I’ll go back for 50th anniversary and make a guest appearance!” she said.

Sonia Manzano is very popular for her role Maria in “Sesame Street.” She also appears in Judge Gloria Pepitone role on “Law and Order: SVU,” and in the original off-Broadway production of “Godspell.” Besides starring in television series, she also writes books. Her book “The Lowdown on the High Bridge” and her autobiography “Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South of Bronx” would be released this summer.

We are sure fans of Maria would miss her in “Sesame Street.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Sonia Manzano

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