Set Photos Surface as ‘Sherlock’ Begins Filming Its Rumored Special

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Set Photos Surface as ‘Sherlock’ Begins Filming Its Rumored Special
Chinatown, London. Benedict Cumberbatch during filming of Sherlock.

The cult TV series “Sherlock” has reportedly started filming its special episode. The show, which will roll out its fourth season in 2016, is expected to air the special during the Christmas season this year, although its stars have hinted that it may come earlier. Read on for more.

Mark Gatiss, “Sherlock” producer and co-star, posted a photo from the set of the show recently, signifying that filming for the series is indeed underway. Gatiss published the photo on his Twitter account, causing quite a frenzy among the fans.

Following this, photos of Benedict Cumberbatch, the show’s lead star, were also published on Mirror, as the paparazzi clamored to get a scoop on the filming. Fans have also reported on social media that the cast were spotted in Bristol at the Colton Cellars and will soon be filming in Bath. Some of the characters were apparently dressed in period clothing, including Watson and Sherlock.

In one photo posted on Hypable, Cumberbatch was seen wearing a bowtie and Martin Freeman, his co-star, was snapped walking out of the set sporting a distinct mustache.

Earlier, the show released promo materials featuring the two stars during its pre-production. The photo, published on MNG last November, has given rise to speculations from the show’s avid fans based only on what the characters are wearing. Top hats, bowties, mustache… Could the special episode take place in an earlier period?

Details of the special have been kept under wraps, including the storyline for the upcoming fourth season. However, producers have already hinted that there will be “big” and “devastating” changes in the show. Gatiss even hinted at some deviation from the original “Sherlock” stories in the book.

The “Sherlock” special, which airs on BBC One, is assumed to be airing on Christmas 2015, but Gatiss has clarified that they will not be filming a holiday episode. Hence, the broadcast may be adjusted at an earlier date.

For now, however, as the special and the new season are still many months away, fans will be keeping busy with the trickles of updates about the series. Movie News Guide (MNG) will be making sure those updates are delivered regularly.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/RanZag

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