Seth Meyers as the New ‘Late Night’ Guy

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Seth Meyers as the New ‘Late Night’ Guy
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The “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) regular Seth Meyers embarked on a new venture as he hosts NBC’s “Late Night” show, filling in for the former host Jimmy Fallon. Meyers said that leaving SNL was never an option until he was offered to host “Late Night.” Though he has taken the hosting gig, he emphasized that he will remain physically close, as SNL and “Late Night” share the same floor.

According to NY Daily News, Meyers talked about his anxiety in starting with the said show.

“I feel that’s the only way you can make the mistakes you need to learn what you need to learn from, so I’m anxious to start,” said Meyers.

The comedian turned host’s first night went well as Vice President Joe Biden and Amy Poehler, former co-anchor in the “Weekend Update,” joined him. The viewers are in for a treat as the first week of the show has a line-up of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrities such as Sophia Bush, Ian Mckellen, Patrick Stewart and Kanye West.

Furthermore, Meyers shared how a late-night show can offer possibilities.

“The biggest part is turning around ideas in a day, as opposed to a week. So often you’d have ideas at ‘SNL’ that were sort of too small to fit into the show. It will be fun to come up with an idea Monday morning and have it on the show by Monday night,” explained Meyers.

What makes the show more interesting is that Meyers will be joined by his former “SNL” pal Fred Armisen. Meyers said that the former “SNL” star was recommended by “Saturday Night Live” creator and producer Lorne Michaels. Since then, they have been trying to contact him.

“It would have been hard to settle for anyone else once Fred was put into our heads as a possibility,” said Meyers.

Armisen will lead the show’s house band, The 8G Band. He has seen in SNL’s eleven seasons and was recognized for his impersonations of the US President Barack Obama and former New York Governor David Paterson. Armisen used to play drums for the band Trenchmouth and has performed with Blue Man Group. According to Armisen, Seth and him shared things in common—passion for comedy and punk music.

“I’ll do anything for Seth because he’s my friend and he’s brilliant,” said Armisen.



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