Seth Rogen & James Franco Are Remaking Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”: New Best Worst Movie Of All Time?

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Seth Rogen & James Franco Are Remaking Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”: New Best Worst Movie Of All Time?
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Seth Rogen and James Franco have a seemingly inseparable creative partnership. And their collaboration just got another milestone to it, with Rogen coming on board in Franco’s new project “The Disaster Artist.” Read on for more details.

“The Disaster Artist” set to shoot this December, is about the making of Tommy Wiseau’s epic cult film “The Room,” which often celebrated and equally maligned as the “best worst movie ever made.” Directed by, produced by and starring Tommy Wiseau in a romantic drama, called by one critic from IFC as  “Borat trying to do an impression of Christopher Walken playing a mental patient.”

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The movie has since developed an ironical cult following, and now Franco seems to have jumped on the bandwagon, adapting one of the lead actors book “the Disaster Artist” for a Hollywood treatment. Just like Wiseau in the original movie, Franco will also be directing, producing and acting. He playing Wiseau himself.

And where James Franco is, can Seth Rogen be far behind? No, according to Tracking Board, who have disclosed that Rogen is playing a yet unknown role in “The Disaster Artist.” Which is no surprise, given Rogen’s outspoken affinity for the movie. Also coming on board is the other Franco brother, Dave, who will be playing Greg Sestero, who appeared as Mark in “The Room.”

Rogen and Franco’s long creative partnership has been the stuff that movies are made out of: starting with the stoner comedy “The Pineapple Express” to most recently a William Faulker adaptation, “The Sound and the Fury.” Together, they have done it all, to a parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, to a Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.

With the massive following that “the Room” has, fans will be awaiting “The Disaster Artist” with high hopes of it being equally good. Or rather, equally bad.

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