Seven Psychopaths Goes for Killer Laughs

By admin | 6 years ago

Seven Psychopaths Goes for Killer LaughsSeven Psychopaths is from the twisted mind of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. He has a way of making murder fun for the viewers. The number of laughs is directly proportional to the body count in the movie.

Seven Psychopaths is a dark look into Hollywood. Colin Farrell plays Martin, a screenwriter from Ireland whose vices include alcohol and women. He is suffering from writer’s block and only has a title from his next screenplay, which is called Seven Psychopaths.

Sam Rockwell plays Martin’s neighbor Billy. He’s an actor but when he has no acting jobs, he runs a dognapping scam with Hans (Christopher Walken). Billy does things with pure intentions but sometimes it leads to dire consequences.

Billy places an ad looking for psychopaths in order to help Martin out of his slump and give him firsthand anecdotes for the screenplay. But Billy meets Charlie Costello (Woody Harrelson), a mobster whose pet Shih Tzu is dognapped by Billy as part of the scam that he and Hans take dogs captive until the owners pay a reward.

This is how McDonagh sets up the movie for some good, old slapstick comedy. McDonagh tries his best imitation of Oscar Wilde to make a farce where no man, woman, or dog is safe and stupid comedy is the way to elicit laughs.

Walken, Rockwell and Harrelson are three of the Seven Psychopaths. There’s Tom Waits as the serial killer of serial killers; Olga Kurylenko as Charlie’s seductive girlfriend; Harry Dean Stanton as the Killer Quaker; and Abbie Cornish as Martin’s soon-to-be former girlfriend.

Seven Psychopaths doesn’t resonant the same type of emotions as McDonagh’s Oscar-winning In Bruges but it has the same type of wicked humor. It might not please everyone but people looking for deadly laughs will enjoy Seven Psychopaths. It has McDonagh’s trademark offbeat rhythms that you can surely enjoy.

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