Should ‘Seven Year Switch’ Be Cancelled on FYI? ‘Experimental Marriage’ Show Receives Mixed Reactions from Viewers

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Should ‘Seven Year Switch’ Be Cancelled on FYI? ‘Experimental Marriage’ Show Receives Mixed Reactions from Viewers
‘Seven Year Switch’ Cancelled? A&E Reality Series Gets Petition from Moms to Stop the Program

FYI has seemingly taken down “Married at First Sight” after receiving mixed reactions from viewers of the show. While some viewers thought that this would mark the end of “experimental marriage” shows on TV, “Seven Year Switch” took over its timeslot and introduced couples who would be swapped with a different spouse. Should FYI and A&E cancel “Seven Year Switch” as well? Read on for more details.

“Seven Year Switch” recently premiered on FYI as a brand new reality series, which allegedly aims to save marriages and relationships of couple who have reached the “seven year itch” from falling apart. As previously reported, several media outlets immediately slammed the new series for making “a mockery of marriage,” including an ongoing petition from One Million Moms, the series was well received by fans and viewers.

“Tonight is a new episode of #SevenYearSwitch I can’t wait. I’m really loving this show,” a user named AshleyMonet wrote.

“Can’t wait @monet_iam for tonight’s #SevenYearSwitch!” wrote Chris Coelen on Twitter.

While the show seems to be pretty exciting for some, others regard the show as “crazy.”

“Seven Year Switch is crazy af. I’d be damned if my man slept next to another woman for 2 weeks in effort to “fix our relationship” FOH,” @jsminemaria said.

Meanwhile, an exclusive sneak peek was released on People, which showed Neal confessing that he has already slept with other women aside from his wife, Leah.

“I guess I had sex with a woman or two, not intimately like laying and sleeping with,” Neal told his “experimental spouse” Alesha.

Alesha, on the other hand, admitted that she was shocked to hear Neal’s confession, citing that the latter previously denied sleeping with anyone other than his wife.

Should FYI cancel “Seven Year Switch” or do you think the show can really help these couples save their marriages? Sound off in the comments! Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: FYI/Seven Year Switch

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