‘Seven Year Switch’ Spoilers: The Switching Begins! Find Out Which Partners Get Paired Up

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
‘Seven Year Switch’ Spoilers: The Switching Begins! Find Out Which Partners Get Paired Up
‘Seven Year Switch’ Cancelled? A&E Reality Series Gets Petition from Moms to Stop the Program

The FYI reality series “Seven Year Switch” recently premiered on TV and introduced four couples who are at a “crossroads in their relationship.” Now that the stories of the couples who will undergo this “experimental marriage” have been shared in last week’s episode, which partners will get paired in the upcoming episode?

This contains spoilers for “Seven Year Switch.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Seven Year Switch” was recently launched on FYI in an attempt to introduce yet another “experimental marriage” on TV, which allegedly aims to save the couples’ marriages from falling apart, Deadline noted.

The FYI reality series premiered last Tuesday, July 7 with an episode titled, “Switch Therapy,” Christian Today cited. The premiere episode introduced four couples whose relationships are skating on thin ice.

The couples that have joined the series include Eric and Danielle who have been married for a year and a half after being together for six years. Houston and Alisha have been married for eight months, but they have been dating for seven years. Rachel and CW have been married for three years; and Leah and Neal who have been together for eight years.

Eric and Danielle have reportedly discovered some things about each other that they found were a little bit off while Houston and Alisha are having problems with work. CW and Rachel are facing communication issues while Lean and Neal have gone through infidelity issues.

The upcoming episode of the show will finally see the switching of partners take place. The outlet noted that Neal will be paired with Alisha, his wife Leah will now be partnered with Houston. CW and Rachel will be swapped with Eric and Danielle.

Meanwhile, the A&E reality series is currently gaining attention from viewers and has also caught the attention of an organization called One Million Moms.com. The petition calls for the network to stop the series from airing on TV, calling the show “immoral.”

“Seven Year Switch” Season 1 Episode 2 airs on Tuesday, July 14 on FYI.

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