The Sex Diary Report Refuted: Nicole Kidman Did Not Write a Sex Diary

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The Sex Diary Report Refuted: Nicole Kidman Did Not Write a Sex Diary
Nicole Kidman

Despite the National Enquirer’s report, Keith Urban did not discover Nicole Kidman’s secret sex journal. The country singer denies that he ever found a diary filled with his wife’s secrets. Read on for more details.

In a strange new report by the National Enquirer, Urban was supposed to have stumbled upon a diary full of secrets about Kidman. She had apparently written about her sex life with her exes and her problems with family life in a secret diary that Urban had stumbled upon. The diary was supposed to have details of her past life with Tom Cruise and it was said that the diary had details about the couple being very unhappy together.

The report had also claimed that Kidman had put in details of her flings with Russell Crowe and Lenny Kravitz. She had also put in her lamentations of not getting enough time to spend with her kids, the report had claimed. Apparently, the entire story was hokum and Urban had never found a diary with the actress’ secrets.

One part of the story, though, did seem to be true. Kidman is looking to have another child with the country singer. And she does want to have a boy. The actress has two daughters from her marriage with the country singer and she would obviously like to have a boy with her husband. According to the latest report, Nicole is, in fact, pregnant now, and some claim that the child would be a boy.

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Actors lead strangely fascinating lives. They are forced to lead such public lives that they aren’t allowed any privacy. Whether or not, Urban found a diary is immaterial. The real problem is that people want to know about the diary and its details.

Gossip Cop cleared up the matter for Kidman and Urban. Enstarz reported the pregnancy.

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