Sex Tape Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Sex Tape Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

A comedy movie with an overly liberated title, “Sex Tape” brings out the slapstick fun without having to fully embrace its rated R aspect. It’s one of those movies that aim to bring back the lost passion which once existed between the urge-driven couple. It is starred by Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Lowe, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, and Nat Faxon. The film is under the direction of Jake Kasdan based on the story by Kate Angelo. Read on to know more about “Sex Tape.”

Sex Tape” Synopsis:

The movie is all about rekindling the lost passion that once existed between couples Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel). They seem to have fallen into the average marital slump for being together for 10 years with good, stable jobs and kids (Sebastian Hedges Thomas, Giselle Eisenberg) but with a less than normal sex life. With a strong effort to bring back their fiery intimacy, the couple decided to create a sex video in Jay’s new iPad. After three hours of fumbling, fondling and doing the positions based on a book “The Joys of Sex,” the couple felt their efforts were not laid to waste as they managed to bring back the intimacy that once existed between them. All was well until the iPad feature uploaded the video into The Cloud, which led them on a frantic journey to track every iPad they gave to their family and their friends and delete the indecent video. As they engage themselves in the ultimate suburban adventure to save themselves from embarrassment, the couple actually ends up realizing the things they were missing and overlooking all these years. This then led them in an effective journey towards reconciliation and bridging the marital imperfections of their marriage.

Sex Tape” Review:

There seems to be an ongoing thread of movies these days that are aiming for the best but coming up short in the end with a few redeeming points. “Sex Tape” is a film with a very lewd title but actually contains just a few scenes of indecency. It is a comical relief of a movie that somewhat gave you the impression that it will be an all-out dirty comedy. However, it turns out as one of those films that met your expectations in a PG-rating kind of way.

The viewers can expect a lot of emotions going on in the film, but some drama scenes came out of nowhere that people ends up getting mislead by the way it is presented. According to Iowa State Daily, the film gave off the out-of-the context impression family friendly feels while delivering a series of physical gags that makes for an altogether uneven and stilted movie.

Of course, the plot seems a bit edgy, but you can definitely expect the actors to play their comedic roles well all throughout the film. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel always had that comical chemistry since their “Bad Teacher” pair up, although such movie didn’t turn out to be as bad-ass as their producers thought it would. Going back to the notable depiction of the actors, Diaz and Segel brought out the fun in couples. Based on the review of Vulture, the duo were able to maintain a great tag-team rhythm that would make you appreciate the movie in a different light.

Overall, “Sex Tape” is one of those movies that give you a series of good and sometimes unreasonable laughs. The effective portrayals of the actors appeared to have balanced out the lacking elements of the plot. In the same way that Variety claims for it to be, the movie is not exactly a laughing riot, but it is fairly evident that the actors did enjoy themselves in the creation of this movie.

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