Sexy Milla Jovovich Talks “Resident Evil: Retribution”

By admin | 7 years ago
Sexy Milla Jovovich Talks “Resident Evil: Retribution”

Hot stuff Milla Jovovich is a lot of things. Hot. Sexy….Has a last name that I wasn’t sure how it was truly pronounced until The Fourth Kind and drops factoids about upcoming Resident Evil movies. What’s not to love?

Jovovich revealed in a recent interview that the next Resident Evil movie will be called Resident Evil: Retribution and that her husband/director Paul W. S. Anderson is currently in the idea building process.

“Just to let the Resident Evil fans know, cause there’s been a bunch of questions about the next film, Paul has kids that are professional players,” says Milla on her Twitter account. “They play the games for weeks and give Paul the footage.”

Jovovich’s last outing as the gun-toting Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife, made somewhat mediocre money in the United States, just barely covering the $60 million budget.

Still, Screen Gems wanted more.

“[Paul is] literally watching days of the most awesome Resident Evil players out there to get inspiration for the next installment of the franchise,” Milla said.

She went on to say that Anderson is still putting finishing touches on the script but the story, overall, is intact.

“Paul has such a great idea for the next Resident Evil film and there will be a huge surprise about the origin of Alice!”

Resident Evil 5 aka Resident Evil: Retribution lands in theaters in September 2012.


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