Shailene Woodley: From a Rising Star to a Blockbuster Idol

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Shailene Woodley: From a Rising Star to a Blockbuster Idol
Shailene Woodley at the film premiere of “Divergent” in California on March 18, 2014

There’s one face that appeared in the silver screen not just once, twice, but three times this year. Shailene Woodley, who started off as a starlet in ABC Family’s popular series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” is now literally everywhere. Beginning with her debut as the girl next door in “The Spectacular Now,” she moves on to being the butt-kicking chick in “Divergent.” Then she moves on to assume the cancer patient role in the blockbuster tearjerker “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Who would have thought that the simple girl from Simi Valley, California gets a threefold movie success in a matter of one year? It may sound superfluous, but that is the real deal with the 22-year-old actress.

The blockbuster idol is not the regular twenty-something damsel that graces the red carpet. We are talking about the hybrid and personified kind who, akin to Jennifer Lawrence, takes pride on who she really is on and off cam. Woodley is the type who takes something basic and makes it awe worthy by making it simple.

Having such uniqueness to be heavily exemplified, Woodley is mostly compared to Jennifer Lawrence, but there’s not even a conflict on that matter, even when their careers started off on similar paths.  If Lawrence is the charmingly ham-fisted southern gal, then Woodley is the outdoor nymph who loves the concept of nature alongside simplicity.

According to Vanity Fair, she loves to dress up in plain shirts and high-waisted skinny jeans with her phone tucked in the back pocket. It would be easy to assume that she is just an average gal if it weren’t for her perfectly lithe figure, her famous face, and her choice of water container — a Mason jar. How can this girl get any more avant-garde?

In lieu of such uniqueness, she takes the word of authenticity to heart. Like every rising star, she doesn’t deny that the pressure of her success is starting to weigh down on her. She even muses aloud that she is going to quit and become a professional herbalist. However, just like any other star, she gets over it and realizes that people are going to think what they want to think, and those thoughts are none of her business. With that, she continues to do what she loves doing, which is acting.

Truly, the emerging star has become a definite person of interest not only in Hollywood, but all over the world. Her career has never been more promising as she continues her journey towards existential success.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV

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