Shailene Woodley, The Perfect YA Heroine? We Have 22 Reasons

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Shailene Woodley, The Perfect YA Heroine? We Have 22 Reasons

Shailene Woodley had her birthday on November 15 and she turned 24 this year. For most of her life, Woodley had been acting. During her long career, she has successfully portrayed the role of several Young Adult (YA) novels’ heroines.

Starting from Tris in “Divergent” to Aimee in “The Spectacular Now”, and “The Fault In Our Stars”, where she was the witty Hazel–the actress had portrayed them all, convincingly and effortlessly. We have listed some of her traits that go on to prove why Woodley is the perfect YA heroine. 

  1. She has luscious and long hair

Heroines of YA novels usually have long hair. This is to ensure that she can let her hair cover her face whenever she faces any type of embarrassing situations.  Moreover, the love interest of the heroine can then gently tuck it behind her ear.

  1. Short and cute hair cut

When a heroine of a YA movie does not have long and luscious hair, she sports a short haircut for a funky and sassy look. It also goes well when she is terminally ill.

  1. Shailene Woodley excels in gnawing her lips

The heroines YA movies spend a considerable amount of time to gnaw their lips whenever they are embarrassed, anxious or afraid. Any kind of negative emotion makes her chew her lips.

  1. She has a sad face that makes people want to console and hug her

Often horrible things happen to a YA heroine, that makes our hearts go all soft and we want to hug and console her.

  1. No matter where she is, she can make us cry

Irrespective of whether she is in the shower, a bathtub or a pool, a YA heroine sheds her tears while in the water most times.

  1. She looks convincing and real when she does a fight sequence

There are times when a YA heroine has to severely fight to survive.

  1. Shailene Woodley tucks her hair beautifully

If you have read the YA novels, you must have found out that the most common way to show a man that you like him is by tucking your hair behind the ears.

  1. She is perfectly cool to sport a makeup-less look

We have seen that a YA heroine often feels that she looks plain vis-à-vis, other popular girls.

  1. She completely transforms and looks stunning after using makeup

A makeup scene is the perfect setting for showcasing the fact that a YA heroine is as beautiful outside, as she is inside.

  1. She dances cutely and  looks adorable

If a YA heroine is not a ballet dancer, she may nor feel very cool to dance in public.

  1. Her face is so expressive that it easily tells the onlookers what she is feeling.

A YA heroine is usually delighted when things go according to her wish.

  1. She puts a brave front and tries to show the world that everything is alright though she may be dying on the inside.
  1. She feels boredom of being like that above everything.
  1. The fear when realization dawns upon her that she is distinct from everyone else.
  1. A YA heroine feels giddy when a man she is fond of starts flirting with her.
  1. The happiness she feels when the man she likes asks her to go out with him.
  1. A YA heroine sheds tears when things become too overwhelming for her.
  1. She feels frustrated when she is at the end of her wits.
  1. She feels strongly determined when she realizes that she has had enough.
  1. A YA heroine feels extremely irritated when her parents are after her.
  1. She feels a shy pleasure when her sweetheart walks inside her room.
  1. Shailene Woodley can portray a thousand emotions through her “epic sigh”.


Photo Source: Facebook/Shailene Woodley

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