Shailene Woodley, Theo James Want Next Film With George Clooney; ‘Divergent: Allegiant – Part 1’ Stars Show Chemistry

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Shailene Woodley, Theo James Want Next Film With George Clooney; ‘Divergent: Allegiant – Part 1’ Stars Show Chemistry
“Divergent: Allegiant – Part 2” stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James wants new film with George Clooney.

Theo James, who won Best Liplock with Shailene Woodley, recently said George Clooney is one “cool guy” to work with. Could a film featuring the two big actors in the works? Read on for more details.

When asked if there was any one star (actor or actress) he liked to work with for a new film, “Divergent: Allegiant – Part 1” star Theo James, 30, said there were many and one of them was George Clooney.

“Clooney, always seems like a cool guy,” James told Yahoo! Beauty Senior Editor Joanna Douglas at an interview for his latest Hugo Boss product endorsement, Boss The Scent ($85).

James’ tone towards Clooney, 54, seemed to be familiar. Shailene Woodley, 23, previously gushed on the “Tomorrowland” (2015) actor, saying she considers him as her second dad, Entertainmentwise reported.

Both Woodley and Clooney worked in the American drama “The Descendants” (2011) in which Woodley played as Clooney’s daughter. The film was nominated multiple times and won awards such as Movies of the Year by the American Film Institute, Best Actor for Clooney, Best Supporting Actress for Woodley, and others.

In the report, Woodley’s admiration to Clooney was high – noting his random acts of kindness, being a great host, and others. And when asked if she was willing to work with him again, she said she would in a heartbeat.

Besides Clooney, James and Woodley also had other things in common – one is their appreciation for their families. James acknowledged his family, saying they had a big influenced on him.

“I think my dad [Philip Taptiklis] has a big influence on me. My grandfather [Nicholas Theodore Taptiklis] – he was very iconic in many ways for me,” the English-Scottish actor said.

Outside his family, James also said there were other iconic male stars in Hollywood whom he looked up as heroes such as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Sean Connery.

Recently, James finished his shooting for indie film “War On Everyone,” which is a black comedy. But a film featuring George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, and Theo James would be highly welcomed.

Here’s to hoping it would happen.

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