Shame Movie Review

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Shame Movie ReviewShame stars Michael Fassbender as Brandon, a sex-obsessed man who constantly hires prostitutes to fulfill his needs. He also uses his work computer to watch porn and gets off in the bathroom. He has no interest in normal relationships and doesn’t want to seek counseling.

It is rated NC-17 due to the amount of nudity in it. Early in the movie, Brandon walks into the bathroom and talks to his younger sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan), who is taking a shower. Yes, she is naked and unashamed to stand before him.

Some critics praised Fassbender for his performance in Shame. They said that he should have been nominated for an Oscar but there are others who feel that his performance was not worthy of an Academy Award.

As stated above, Carey Mulligan plays Brandon’s younger sister. She needs a place to stay and Brandon doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. He tries to keep her at arms distance. She has her issues and this is seen with the cut marks on her arms.

Carey Mulligan is a good actress. She is nominated for her role in An Education a few years ago. She does a good job in Shame but can’t really save the movie from becoming a disaster.

Shame is written and directed by Steve McQueen. It is clear right from the start that he wants to shock viewers with the nudity scenes. Fassbender walks around showing his penis a lot in the movie. He has sex with various women and there’s no part of him that is left to the imagination.

Shame has a very weak plot. It is just about a guy who wants to have sex all the time but critics loved it. Maybe they wanted to see male nudity and the honest sex scenes. But if you’re looking for substance, there’s not much to be seen from this one.

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