Shameless Season 6 Spoilers: Chris Brochu Joins The Cast

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Shameless Season 6 Spoilers: Chris Brochu Joins The Cast

Shameless Season 6 will have new members added to the cast. The producers are looking to bring fresh talent to the screen. One of the actors to join the roster is Chris Brochu.

If the statistics for the comedy-drama are anything to go by, the series has been a huge hit. Last season drew in over 1.5 million users tuning in every episode. This has made the producers confident enough to pull in new talent for the next season. Chris Brochu is going to enter the drama as Dylan, who is a twenty year old wrestler.

According to the online magazine, the Wrap, Brochu’s character, Dylan, enters the cast as the guy who challenges Lip to fight him. Audiences will recall that Lip is played by Jeremy Allen White. Lip is drawn into the fight for the most trivial of issues. It is evident that Lip’s character is so self-destructive that he just has to get in a fight with someone. Notably, the guy has been fighting every other episode the past few seasons. And the tension that built up between him and Helene in the last season is going to keep him busy trying to channel the angry energy into new fights.

It was also revealed that Frank will be dealing with the consequences of his actions from last season. I suppose the dead beat freeloader just had it coming. It looks like he has cheated the system one too many times and the system is going to strike back in unexpected ways.

Brochu may prove to be a really good choice for the character of a wrestler. He played the protective Luke Parker in the Vampire Diaries and the audience almost expects him to be solidly strong and protective.

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