‘Shark Tank’ Season 7: PolarPro Founder To Develop Apple Watch Items, Invest In Smartphones Category

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Shark Tank’ Season 7: PolarPro Founder To Develop Apple Watch Items, Invest In Smartphones Category
“Shark Tank” winner to invest in smartphones and Apple Watch accessories.

PolarPro founder Jeff Overall, who landed a $1 million deal on “Shark Tank” season 7 episode 7, has planned on developing items for the Apple Watch and investing in the smartphone arena.

Overall is also the Chief Executive of PolarPro, a company that sells camera accessories across 1,200 independent stores in the U.S.

On Friday’s “Shark Tank” episode, the 26-year-old entrepreneur landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec for $1 million at 20 percent stake.

Since the airing of the episode, Overall’s company experienced a massive increase of orders for as high as 9,000 percent, with 5,000 percent as their lowest increase.

OCRegister was able to talk with Jeff Overall and he revealed that their company is planning to develop cameras and accessories for Apple Watch and smartphones.

“We are going to start to invest a little heavier in the mobile phone category because the market possibility is huge,” Overall said. “We would also like to develop some other Apple Watch items, more along the lines of battery products.”

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Investing on the mobile phone category would be a wise decision to make since PolarPro’s products involve camera filters and charging vaults for smartphones.

However, what is more interesting to know is what type of battery products for Apple Watch items that PolarPro is going to develop and release.

Regardless of what they are going to be, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec will surely guide him.

Although the three had already agreed for a $1 million deal in “Shark Tank,” Overall said they are still under negotiations and that it also did not mean he could do whatever he wants with the money.

During the interview, Overall revealed he had to submit a proposal and wait for Cuban’s approval, which he understood since $1 million was a very big amount.

“They want a little bit of accountability, which is totally understandable for that amount of money,” Jeff Overall said.

As for the mobile market, Jeff Overall aimed at the potential 1.2 billion people having smartphones with cameras.


Photo source: Facebook|“Shark Tank”

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