‘Shark Tank’ Season 7 Spoilers and Cast Updates: Chris Sacca Learns Not To Underestimate; Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter Joining

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Shark Tank’ Season 7 Spoilers and Cast Updates: Chris Sacca Learns Not To Underestimate; Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter Joining
“Shark Tank” Season 7 cast to include Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter, and Chris Sacca.

Television American Broadcasting Company (ABC) confirmed the new batch of guests to appear in the upcoming season of the reality television series “Shark Tank” recently. Who are the new sharks? Read on for more details.

ABC would be including Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter, and Chris Sacca as “guest sharks” in “Shark Tank” Season 7. It was said that many of the visitor “sharks” would be replacing CEO Robert Herjavec on some episodes as it has been this way in the past, CarterMatt.com reported.

Besides acting in “Dude, Where’s My Car,” Ashton Kutcher was also a venture capitalist, who successfully invested in technology startups such as Skype, Foursquare, Path, and Fab.com. His network was estimated to be at US$140 million around March 2013.

CEO of Atom Factory Troy Carter was best known for establishing the careers of talented recording artists such as Lady Gaga, John Legend, Greyson Chance, Mindless Behavior, Priyanka Chopra, and many more. He also invested in over 40 startup firms such as Spotify, Warby Parker, Songza, Dropbox, Fab, Uber, and others. He is definitely going to inspire future entrepreneurs in “Shark Tank” Season 7.

Skeptical Chris Sacca Joins On “Shark Tank”: ‘I Had Underestimated The Impact of the Show’

Chris Sacca, meanwhile, was a Silicon Valley venture investor and a former employee of Internet company Google Inc. He previously invested in Twitter and Uber. On June 2015, his network was roughly at US$1.07 billion.

In Sacca’s blog post titled “You Have A Deal,” he shared his reasons why he turned down previous invitations of being one of the “sharks” in “Shark Tank”. It was because the TV series was “far afield” from what he was doing.

This was after seeing Cowboy Ryan’s pitch on Cowboy Abs fitness program. It further solidified after witnessing the “worse pitches of all time: The Carsik Bib.

This led to a series of Twitter passionate conversions between Sacca, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, CEO of FUBU, and “Shark Tank” fans. However, he admitted that he “underestimated the impact of the show.”

Now, Chris Sacca together Tory Carter and Ashton Kutcher are coming in “Shark Tank” Season 7.

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Photo source: Facebook/Shark Tank.

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