‘Sharknado 4’ Thinks Global Mockumentary For Fourth Installment, Director Wants ‘Ghostbusters’ Alum Bill Murray For Cameo

By Lex Lopez | 3 years ago
‘Sharknado 4’ Thinks Global Mockumentary For Fourth Installment, Director Wants ‘Ghostbusters’ Alum Bill Murray For Cameo

With the third chapter of “Sharknado” already shelved in the canon of its-so-bad-yet-its-so-good movies, fans even now are feeling excited for the fourth installment of this campy disaster sci-fi movie. Read on for more details.

Jared Cohn will star in this joint production of The Asylum and Syfy Films entitled “Sharknado 4: Heart of Sharkness.” According to Movie Web, this follow-up will be in the same vein as Christopher Guest mockumentary’s “Best In Show” and “A Mighty Wind.”

Cohn will portray budding filmmaker David Moore who visualized the amalgamation of sharks and tornado in a disaster movie. The only setback is the said director utilized real live sharks in the filming which brought about the said disaster. The original “Sharknado” movie was supposed to be a project which was never to be set eyes on as it was a violation that was kept hush-hush for the public.

Cohn pins down every cast and crew of the first movie that he could find. An arduous task as they don’t want anything to do with Cohn’s quest in seeking the truth. Fans will also have the chance to see for the very first time, rare footage from the hidden first draft as it will be shown to the viewing public in all its bloody, gruesome and uncut form.

“Sharknado 3” ended with a thought-provoking cliffhanger. April (Tara Reid) is about to be struck by a falling space shuttle debris straight from outer space. A post-movie advertisement requested fans to vote on April’s next possible adventure as cited by the movie official Twitter account with hashtags #AprilLives or #AprilDies. The consequence of which will all be divulged in the next “Sharknado” movie.

Anthony C. Ferrante who has directed all “Sharknado” tv movie series discussed earlier in Variety his story arc for the “Sharknado” 4. He hinted will have a more large-scale scope and with the probability of bringing back original cast member Ian Ziering along with the aforementioned Reid.

“I want to do international…There are still U.S. cities that I want to destroy,” Ferrante asserted the venture of their next project.

Ferrante also mentioned in the magazine interview that he would really want veteran Hollywood actor Billy Murray to do a cameo as the movie canon has already dragged such well-known personalities in the third installment.

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