Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard and More Cast in ‘Powers’ Drama Series for PSN

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard and More Cast in ‘Powers’ Drama Series for PSN
Eddie Izzard at The Lyric Theatre, 2nd December 2008. Wikimedia Commons/NickJWebb

Sony PlayStation Network’s superhero fantasy drama series has started enlisting actors for its project. “Powers,” which will be exclusively launched as the first original series on the PlayStation Network (PSN), is based on a graphic novel written by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Read on to know the details of the cast and characters in our report below.

Powers,” the crime procedural drama with a superhero twist, has found its lead stars. First to be cast in the series is Susan Hewyard, last seen in “The Following” on FOX, who will play the female lead role, Deena Pilgrim. Her character is described as someone with an edgy approach, but who also combines beauty and sarcasm perfectly. Deena shares the titular role with the character of Christian Walker, who will be played by Sharlto Copley, last seen in the movie “Maleficent.”

The two characters perform their duties as homicide cops in a world where people with superhuman abilities are common. In fact, Walker, described as cool and charismatic, used to posses powers, too, but he lost it while battling a mass murderer of superhumans.

As reported on Deadline, rounding up the supporting characters to “Powers” include Eddie Izzard (“Hannibal”), Noah Taylor (“Game of Thrones”), David Matloff, Olesya Rulin (“High School Musical”), Max Fowler (“The Killing”), Michelle Forbes (“The Killing”) and Adam Godley (“Suits“).

Izzard will be playing the role of Wolfe, who is described as a bogeyman. Wolfe has been incarcerated for more than twenty years at the Shaft, the prison for those with powers. At one point, Wolfe was also a mentor to Walker, at a time when he was just discovering his abilities. In the present day, he becomes Wolfe’s nemesis.

Taylor will take on the role of Johnny Royalle, whose ability is to transport to any location. He keeps an underground network of criminal activities at the Here and Gone Club.

Rulin will play a young but street smart power named Calista, who has an attitude about her, but can still be vulnerable about her moves and decisions.

Fowler is Kirspin Stockley, a teenager struggling to come to terms with the death of his father, who happened to be Walker’s former partner at the police force.  Stockley will be seeking revenge from the power who killed his father, but this will eventually lead him to a dark and sinister path.

Forbes will tackle the role of Retro Girl, who is quite a star among the powers. She’s a good businesswoman as well, with a selfless agenda. She seeks justice and equality for all.

Godley has been cast as Captain Cross of the Powers division, who is respected by his subordinates, but he harbors as secret that could affect his department.

And that’s the latest on “Powers,” the supernatural crime drama set for airing exclusively on PSN. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we bring you more updates about this show.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/NickJWebb

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