Shaun Robinson Quits ‘Access Hollywood,’ Ties Up With ‘NBCUniversal’ For Her Own ‘Robinhood Production’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Shaun Robinson Quits ‘Access Hollywood,’ Ties Up With ‘NBCUniversal’ For Her Own ‘Robinhood Production’
Shaun Robinson

Host Shaun Robinson finally left “Access Hollywood” after spending 16 years with the entertainment show. Let’s see what new plans she has in her kitty for future. Read on for more details.

Robinson’s new association with NBC Universal Television Distribution will give her own emerging “Robinhood Production” an opportunity to develop or produce scripted and unscripted TV projects. The network use it for its domestic purpose across all podiums.

“It has been an incredible ride, and I am so blessed to have been able to meet the people that I have met and to have covered the stories I covered on the show,” Robinson said in an interview with People.

Robinson had served as a correspondent for “Access Hollywood” and co-anchor of “Access Hollywood Weekend” since 1999. Three years later, Robinson had put an endeavor to explore new opportunitie. She had contemplated leaving “Access Hollywood,” but later she changed her mind. However, this time she has clicked straight to the mark.

Robinson commented on taking her career to the next level. She could foresee so many opportunities – both on-camera and as a producer – for her. According to her, she will mainly concentrate on her production that would deal with empowering young women to live their lives as fully as they can.

“I am working on a few projects now that show women in very powerful positions,” Robinson added.

However, she assured her fans saying she would certainly come back in front of the camera very soon.

The recent demise of her father, who was suffering from cancer, had taught her “life is short, and happiness doesn’t come from anything external, it comes from within.”

She said that the last message on her father’s answering machine ended with, “Have a great day and remember to be happy” impelled her to quit “Access Hollywood” and do something she had planned three years before.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Shaun Robinson

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