Shaun the Sheep Delights Audiences of All Ages

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Shaun the Sheep Delights Audiences of All Ages
Shaun the Sheep

The big screen version of Aardman Animations’s “Shaun the sheep” is a delightfully quirky stop-motion animation that will take your breath away. The new movie opened to positive audience reviews and delighted critics with its charming take on farm life.

Aardman Animations is famous for its stop motion clay animation and its “Chicken Run” went on to become the top grossing stop motion picture of all time. The premise for “Shaun the sheep” came from the TV series of the same name which was itself a spin off from a Wallace and Gromit short, “A Close Shave.” The audiences will remember the plasticine characters, Wallace and Gromit. Wallace is an absent-minded inventor and cheese enthusiast, and his companion Gromit is a silent yet intelligent anthropomorphic dog.

“Shaun the sheep” begins with a mischievous young ram called Shaun plotting an escape from the barnyard that is holding them as prisoners, the Mossy Bottom Farm. He and his barnyard buddies, ewe Shirley and little sheep Timmy conspire to distract their bane, Bitzer the dog, with a bone to escape the farm. They also put the mutterring farmer to sleep. The poor farmer is tired of the daily grind and is looking to get a day off any way.

Unfortunately, the mobile home housing the little critters goes careening out of control and crashes in a big city. Things take a turn for hilarious when the poor sheep have to fight off the dog, Bitzer, and an overzealous animal control officer to be truly free. They all unfortunately end up in the pound. Meanwhile, the farmer, who is suffering from amnesia puts his sheep-shearing skills to work on humans and becomes a celebrity haircutter.

Directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzak do their best to include all kinds of chase sequences in the simple yet engaging storyline. And the voice actors do their best to emote with their voices in a movie with no intelligible dialogue. All in all, “Shaun the sheep” will entertain pre-schoolers and grown-ups alike.

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