‘Shazam:’ Know About 5 Actors who will be Perfect for the DC Extended Universe Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Shazam:’ Know About 5 Actors who will be Perfect for the DC Extended Universe Movie

Shazam,” as of now is far from release as it was speculated earlier that the movie would release in 2019. However, a comment from Dwayne Johnson stating the movie will release before 2019 has raised some hopes for the movie. Dwayne who himself is playing the role Black Adam seems really thrilled about the role. However, there’s one problem, we don’t really have a Shazam yet as the casting hasn’t probably even started. Here’s a list of 5 actors who we think could make an amazing Shazam:


  1. 1. Joe Manganiello, according to us, has everything it takes to become Shazam. Firstly, the body, especially not to forget his 6ft 5inch height that would match Dwayne’s height. Secondly, whenever he smiles, his face gets this child like expressions which will be really necessary for the actor chosen to play Shazam since the superhero happens to be a child himself.
  2. 2. According to Movie Pilot, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” star Daniel Cudmore would be a good choice to play Shazam against Dwayne Johnson. He is a talented actor and has not really scored an opportunity to showcase his talent. So if he agrees to switch over to DC, he could make an amazing superhero.
  3. 3. Kellan Lutz has been emerging as a popular choice to play the role of Shazam over the past few months. Since he has already played the role of Hercules, he might as well become the superhero who has the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. Kellan’s height could be an issue in this case since he’s barely 6ft 1 inch and might not look as imposing when he will confront Black Adam.
  4. 4. Armie Hammer, who was praised for his performance alongside Henry Cavill, is the other name gaining weightage for the role. He is incredibly tall and has the looks. If he does manage to beef up tremendously, he could make a decent Shazam.
  5. 5. Final candidate on our list is Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother Liam Hemsworth. He has already impressed everyone with his performance in “The Hunger Games” franchise and since his elder brother is already an important part of Marvel Cinematic Universe because of playing Thor, Liam could become an important part of DC Extended Universe by playing Shazam.


Cinema Blend added that “Shazam” will have a tone to itself and since he is not a part of the “Justice League,” his movie could be different than other comic book movies. Recently, there was a rumor that Henry Cavill’s Superman could be a part of “Shazam,” and ever since Dwayne Johnson tweeted about Black Adam beating the life out of Superman, this rumor got more fuel. If “Shazam” is pushed ahead than it’s speculated 2019 release date, it could release a year earlier in 2018 alongside “Aquaman” solo movie.

Photo source: Facebook/DC Extended Universe

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