Shazam Movie: Armie Hammer Is Not Ruling Out An Opportunity To Play Shazam

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Shazam Movie: Armie Hammer Is Not Ruling Out An Opportunity To Play Shazam
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Shazam movie is still being planned and it has not had any significant update except for Dwayne Johnson expressing who he wants to play the superhero.

While Armie Hammer is Johnson’s choice for the superhero, he has also been associated with another DC hero for a while.

Armie Hammer’s statement reported what Hammer had to say about being pitched for the role of Shazam along with being associated with the role of Green Lantern. According to him, it is funny that he has these choices of superheroes to play but there has not been an official word about it.

Elaborating further, he stated that he even enquired with his agent to see if any offer has come up or not. Unfortunately, there has been no offer to play either of these heroes.

He also stated that talks for Shazam came from Johnson while Green Lantern rumors began when DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns followed him on Twitter. Since he is not aware of which role he might end up getting, he is keeping his options open.

Dwayne Johnson’s choice

Rumors of him being a good choice for Shazam began last month when Johnson spoke about meeting a guy he thinks is really cool. The Baywatch star praised how Hammer would be a good choice to play the role of Shazam.

Johnson discussed the possibility of seeing Hammer as Shazam with his producing partner Hiram Garcia and both thought The Lone Ranger star is a good choice.

In the end, Johnson even mentioned the name of the movie The Lone Ranger, to indicate who he was talking about. Following his statement, reports started going wild about Hammer being considered for  Shazam instead of Green Lantern Corps.

Suitability for Shazam

Hammer has over time emerged as a popular choice amongst fans for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. While many fans have already started to see him as Lantern, seeing him as Shazam instead casts a doubt.

He is tall enough for the role of Shazam but his physique is still not up to the mark.

Additionally, he will have to portray Shazam so convincingly that fans of the character do not end up criticizing him for his portrayal. He would also have to perfect his comic timing since Shazam’s alter ego Billy Batson is a kid.

Green Lantern prospects

On the other hand, Hammer’s chance of being cast as Green Lantern looks better. His name was on the shortlist of actors that are being considered for the role of Hal Jordan.

Within that shortlist, his name has apparently been discussed quite frequently. His The Man from U.N.C.L.E co-star Henry Cavill has been trolling fans on Instagram as well about Hammer being cast as Green Lantern but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Going by the fact that a Green Lantern is expected to make an appearance in Justice League, it could lead to Hammer’s introduction in DCEU.


No official details about Shazam have been revealed yet. But the movie will see Billy Batson/Shazam’s introduction in DCEU as he goes up against supervillain Black Adam.

Johnson was cast as Black Adam some years back and since then he is the only one who has been associated with the project till date. Reports have also mentioned that DC is also giving Johnson’s character Black Adam his own solo movie.

Reports also suggested that before he can appear as a supervillain in Shazam, Black Adam would narrate Adam’s origin story from a slave to a ruler.

Release date

Shazam is expected to release in 2019.


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