‘Shazam’ Movie Cast Dwayne Johnson Reveals Plot, Release Date

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Shazam’ Movie Cast Dwayne Johnson Reveals Plot, Release Date

Dwayne Johnson who has been busy promoting his upcoming disaster movie “San Andreas” just dropped an interesting piece of hint for all loyal DC fans eagerly awaiting for the “Shazam” movie release date. It is now a common knowledge that he indeed is attached to play the role of superhuman antagonist Black Adam who is known to be Shazam’s prime nemesis.

According to Slash film, fans were in for a disappointment when Warner Bros. released their upcoming DC schedule last year and the “Shazam” movie is scheduled to air in 2019. It was also made clear that the actor’s Black Adam also wouldn’t appear until the same year but a few months back the actor suggested otherwise and now he has been hinting at the same new development again.

According to the actor, “Shazam” movie will be released earlier than 2019 and believes it won’t be that long before audiences get to see the movie. In an earlier interview he had also stated that the movie will be out by February. It is being speculated that the script of the movie must have been really strong on content and that must have made the executives at Warner Bros. make it move forward in schedule.

But given the fact that the studio also has movies like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, standalone Batman movie, Cyborg movie, Flash movie, Aquaman movie, Justice League that will be divided into two parts followed by Green Lantern in 2020 lined up that it plans to release. It would be interesting to see potentially which movie gets replaced or moved to accommodate “Shazam”.

Another interesting thing is that if the studio pushes the “Justice League” somewhere around 2018 and releases both the movies back to back, the audiences might just get to see the DC universe’s prime movie clash with Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity Wars” that is also being divided into two parts and will release in 2018 and 2019.

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