‘Sherlock’ Actor Says Being Gay Didn’t Hurt Career

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Sherlock’ Actor Says Being Gay Didn’t Hurt Career
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Andrew Scott played Sherlock’s nemesis, the cunning but witty Jim Moriarty, in the BBC drama “Sherlock.” In November 2013, he publicly came out as gay, but the actor has since declared doing this has not affected his career at all. Read on for more about this feature.

Andrew Scott, 37, has been in the acting business for at least two decades, but he acknowledges that it was the role of Moriarty on “Sherlock,” which has completely turned his career around when it first aired in 2010.

In a previous interview with The Independent, the actor noted how much the fans of the series loved the show from the very beginning, with Moriarty being its biggest surprise. He said that fans expected his character to be a “conventional villain” but he turned out to be the “proper match for Sherlock.”

Since playing the role, the actor said that he has been receiving different offers, implying that doing Moriarty has allowed him to showcase his range. Even his decision to come out as gay in 2013 didn’t dampen his career as Scott found himself very busy with a lot of projects.

After the third season of “Sherlock,” where his character is deemed as dead, the actor became occupied with a string of acting work, which included a play at the Royal Court and three indie movies. According to the Telegraph, Scott has also just finished “Victor Frankenstein” with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy and he’s done filming his scenes for the second “Alice in Wonderland” film.

“It’s crazier than it ever was. I do feel a sort of peace that I can be authentic and people like that. I struggle a little with the coming out publicly thing because that was something that I did a long time ago.” said Scott in an interview published on Mirror.

These days, the actor is busy making the press rounds for his movie “Pride,” where he plays a bookshop owner who is gay. The comedy, which will be released in theaters this September, is about the participation of gay activists in the United Kingdom in support of the National Union of Mineworkers, which happened in 1984.

When asked if Andrew Scott would be back to reprise his role of Moriarty in the fourth season of “Sherlock” in 2016, the actor kept mum and only said that he really enjoyed working on the series.

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