Shia LaBeouf Shouts ‘Just Do It!’ Video Goes Viral [WATCH CLIP]

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Shia LaBeouf Shouts ‘Just Do It!’ Video Goes Viral [WATCH CLIP]
Shia LaBeouf videos went viral online.

Shia LaBeouf is currently trending online after being seen wearing a paper bag on his head. He went viral on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter after his appearance on the red carpet event for “Nymphomanic.” Aside from that, Shia LaBeouf was also seen headbutting a London bar patron and chasing a homeless man in “Cabaret.”

A report from CinemaBlend said that the videos showing an angry Shia LaBeouf is by far the safest for the eyes of children. He was seen shouting “Just do it!” in classic movies not including the latest clip he has uploaded where he stood in front of a green screen.

The video was actually for a segment wherein he was uttering some intense yet motivational statements. It was shot in Central Saint Martin’s art school in London and was made publicly available. This was made possible through a Creative Commons Non-commercial license. Meanwhile, the videos starring Shia LaBeouf has also created some great spoofs, continued CinemaBlend.

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On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter has compiled some of the best scenes for public amusement. The video showed “Shiawalker” in “Star Wars” while he was shouting at Luke to get his X-Wing away from the swamp. We really think this is pure gold especially when Shia LaBeouf had his rat tail on like Hayden Christensen.

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We can also see Shia’s take on the canceled cameo role in “The Avengers” which turned out that the scene could have been more hilarious if LaBeouf played it instead of Mark Ruffalo. Leroy Prompakdee also cut a scene from “Se7en” wherein the trending LaBeouf shout, “Just Do It!” was seen until Taylor finally shot Kevin Spacey’s John Doe.

Wait! That’s not the end of it. LaBeouf also had a take on “TED Talks,” the home shopping network ad wherein he played as the star and of course, that one annoying friend who suddenly comes out from nowhere.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Shia LaBeouf

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