Shin Ah Young Is The Latest in ‘The Racer’ Cast To Get Into a Car Accident

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Shin Ah Young Is The Latest in ‘The Racer’ Cast To Get Into a Car Accident
Official Instagram/Shin A Young

Accidents, no matter to whom it happens to, is never a pleasant thing. Sometimes, these things are unavoidable, and sometimes, especially for someone in the entertainment industry, it can become an occupational hazard. This is especially true for those involved with SBS’ “The Racer,” a car racing variety show, where trainees race against each other. However, this time, the accident that occured to host and MC Shin Ah Young, happened off of the tracks. Read on to learn more about Shin Ah Young’s accident, and to learn more about the car racing show’s history with accidents.

According to Soompi and Naver TV, yesterday, the host of the SBS show “The Racer” got into an accident while on her way to the set of “The Racer.”


The Harvard Graduate collided with another car, but luckily, didn’t get injured in the accident, which sounded worse than it actually looked like.

However, instead of having herself checked at a hospital for any injuries that might have been missed, the stalwart TV show host decided that the show must go on, and taped the recording of “The Racer” for the day.

Finally, after the taping was over, she had herself checked at a hospital, to see if she did sustain any internal injuries during the accident.

However, this, unsurprisingly, hasn’t been the only accident to have plagued the cast of “The Racer”, on or off the set.

In last Saturday’s, Sept. 19, 2015, episode, according to Soompi, several members of Group B during the race that happened that day, sustained several critical injuries. The group was composed of swimmer Jung Da Rae, singers Jung Jin Woon and Niel, and fighter Chu Sung Hoon.


According to the report, Jung Da Rae crashed into a guardrail, which caused her to be unable to move. Niel and Chu Sung Hoon, who also crashed into each other, but thankfully didn’t sustain any major injuries,  then helped her out, and helped her regain consciousness.

The swimmer was quite understandably shaken, but told reporters that she was okay. She thanked Chu Sung Hoon and Niel for their actions, before entering an ambulance that was standing by on the set, in order to get properly looked at.

Occupational hazards such as these are surprisingly not uncommon, given that the cast and crew of “The Racer” are participating in formula one races every taping session. However, one does hope that more preventive measures be taken in order to ensure the safety of all of those involved in the project in the future.

And that was all regarding the latest accidents that happened to the cast of SBS’ “The Racer”, both off and on the set.  For more news and updates on your favorite Asian and Western celebrities and television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG). 

Photo Source: Official Instagram/Shin A Young

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