Shine Your Light: Seventh Anniversary [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ria Chakraborty | 3 years ago
Shine Your Light: Seventh Anniversary [WATCH VIDEO]
this is a cake my mom made for my cousin’s wedding anniversary. she kept in on the table out in the varendah, and there was this streak of sunlight that was falling across the cake. grabbed my camera and took a few snaps. as many great photographers say – Lighting is the key – so be it!

Life is happier when you follow your bliss. But life is the happiest when you work actively towards attaining your bliss.  When you have beside you the one that completes you, life cannot be merrier.

The couple in the video below celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary with a surprise. The emotions, feelings, bond, love, affection — everything was just so sweet and perfect! Well, the wife had no idea what she should do to make their anniversary as fresh and romantic as their first. That was when her older daughter, Cary, came up with a simple yet beautiful idea. While Cary and Nathan were with their mother, their sister, Hailey, was out with their father who hadn’t had a  clue as to what was coming.

She planned their seventh  anniversary reminiscing the day they got married. She took him down to memory lane, back to the golden day of their life.

“He’s my best friend, partner in crime and my soul mate,” she said, weighing each word with love and happiness.

She put on “Shine Your Light” by Robbie Robertson on the background that not only gave a romantic feel but also an emotional appeal. The reason being, this was their first song that they heard together years ago in the movie “Ladder 49.”

Above all, the most special essence of the seventh anniversary was the children. The two generations, together, celebrated the happy day.

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There you have it for the couple celebrating their seventh anniversary. How do you plan yours? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Hash Milhan





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