Ship of Theseus Deserves All the Praise

By admin | 4 years ago

Ship of TheseusShip of Theseus is a well-crafted movie that engages the audience from start to finish. It seamlessly combines human experiences with a philosophical exposition about a person’s identity and value system.

Ship of Theseus is written and directed by first-timer Anand Gandhi. It is introspective, provocative and intriguing. It doesn’t feel like a debut movie at all. But the movie is not something for everyone. There will be some who will not like it.

This is because Ship of Theseus is not like the usual movie from India. While not trying to change the viewers, the movie changes audience’s perspective in the end. The focus of the three stories in the film is the ideas and not actions. The pacing is just right so that viewers can grasp and savor what the filmmaker wants to share.

Playing Aliya is Egyptian filmmaker Aida El-Kashef. She is a visually challenged photographer who relies on her intuitions, voice directions from her camera, and help from her boyfriend as she takes black-and-white photos of life in Mumbai. Her life changes when her vision has been restored via a new cornea.

Neeraj Kabi is Maitreya, an animal rights activist. His beliefs are put into a test when he gets sick and needs a liver transplant and medication. The drugs are made by pharmaceutical companies that he has opposed because of their animal testing practices. He refuses to get any form of treatment.

Sohum Shah is Naveen, a successful stockbroker who learns about an illegal organ transplant racket. He suspects that the kidney donated to him has been acquired through illegal means.

The three stories intersect with each other and come to a good climax. The Ship of Theseus asks viewers about faith, identity and choices but it doesn’t give a direct answer in the end. The scope of the movie is universal that it can appeal to everyone.

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