Shirtless Ian Somerhalder Spends His Favorite Pastime With His Bikini-Clad Wife Nikki Reed, Is It To Outshine Nina Dobrev And Austin Stowell Recent Beach Shots?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

Sharing the beach shots to populate the social media accounts is common to the Hollywood couples. That’s what the newly married Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder had done after spending a remarkable pastime with their beloved doggy Ira at a lake on Sunday. Read below to know if this was just a mere hang out or an attempt to surpass Austin Stowell and Nina Dobrev’s recent PDA-filled romantic vacation in the South of France.

The 36-year old Somerhalder had loads of PDAs. “The Vampire Diaries” actor shared a snap of their romantic outings on Instagram in which he was displaying his torso and Reed was seen in a white triangle bikini. Oppositely, Reed shared a romantic black-and-white photo of herself cuddled by her husband from her back.

“Lake time with part of my little family… Smiling is truly one of the keys to life I’m convinced. Hope you smile today-it’s good to do ;),” Somerhalder wrote on his Instagram account.

The “Twilight” actress hurried to prove her awesome relationship with her hubby by posting her black-and-white embracing snap in which she captioned “Me and my human. Hugs can have a really beautiful effect…”

Meanwhile, Somerhalder is very honest while elaborating his love for his wife to the reporters. When E! News asked him to share the sexiest thing he first sees when he opens his eyes in the morning, he simply answered “my wife.” He also said that he is the “luckiest man on the planet” for getting the “most beautiful human being in the world.”

Fans of Dobrev speculated that Reed was jealous of Dobrev for being Somerhalder’s ex-girlfriend. Reed is reportedly also jealous of Dobrev as she has moved ahead with her newly found love Stowell. Another reason could be the support of “The Vampire Diaries” fans for Dobrev’s return to the show to once again co-star Somerhalder.

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Photo Source: Ian Somerhalder/Instagram

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