Shocking News!!! Kylie Jenner Hit by Fan at Chris Brown concert – Watch Video

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Shocking News!!! Kylie Jenner Hit by Fan at Chris Brown concert – Watch Video
Kylie Jenner

An attack on Kyle Jenner by a fan on Friday leaves her devastated and shocked. Find out more about this ghastly incident.

It was quite shocking for Kylie Jenner when she was hot by a fan on Friday, 18th September, when she was leaving a Chris Brown concert with her boyfriend Tyga in Anaheim, California.

A  fan grabbed Kylie’s hair and the star was completely taken aback by this sudden attack on her. An onlooker shot the entire footage and it seems like it was a male fan that caught Kylie’s hair when she walked past.

Jenner seemed to be in a great deal of pain as her head was snapped back quite brutally. The said footage has been obtained by TMZ and it one can see her yelling after her hair was released by the fan.

Her security had to step in and thankfully that was the end of attack for Kylie. She was attending the concert with Tyga, 25, her boyfriend. This celebrity couple has been going around for about a year.

Kyle seemed to be enjoying thoroughly in the concert as she watched Tyga perform with Chris Brown before this shocking incident took place. She shared the videos of the two singers performing together on Snapchat.

However, this is not the first such incidence of an attack involving Jenner this week. When Jenner was about to leave a show at New York Fashion Week on Monday night, a couple of her bodyguards had to forcibly shove away Jessica Alba, the Sun City actor out of her way.

In a recent interview, Alba had confirmed that she was “body checked” and remarked that it was quite a ‘shocking’ incident for her. However, she received an apology later from this reality star.


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Photo Source: Facebook/Kylie Jenner

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