The Shondaland Takeover Continues: ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Soon On ABC

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
The Shondaland Takeover Continues: ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Soon On ABC
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This time, it’s Shakespeare. Shonda Rhimes aka Shondaland’s takeover resumes as Rhimes and Betsy Beers will be the executive producers of a fresh “Romeo and Juliet” spinoff for ABC, along with “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” producer Heather Mitchell, who will also write and executive produce. Read on for more details.

The new show will be centered on Melinda Taub’s manuscript, “Still Star-Crossed”. It will be about the spectacle that follows the encounters amid the archenemies: the Capulets and the Montagues, right after Romeo and Juliet took their own lives. (via Entertainment Weekly)

Vanity Fair reports that the book focuses on the civil union between Romeo’s cousin Benvolio and Rosaline, the girl Romeo liked before he chanced upon Juliet. Benvolio, as you could recollect, is “more of a lover than a fighter”. “Part, fools, you know not what you do,” he lectures the fighting Montagues and Capulets on the original play’s opening scene.

As for Rosaline, certainly you can recall who she is, as she is the topic of one of Shakespeare’s most indirect insults. “Did my heart love ’til now? Forswear it, sight,” Romeo says when he first saw Juliet. “For I ne’er saw true beauty ’til this night.”

According to the publisher, the interpretation of “Still Star-Crossed” shows that Rosaline and Benvolio are betrothed against their will and “forge a bond to end the renewed feud not only to escape their forced betrothal, but to save their lives and the city of Verona itself.”

Going back to Rhimes—as Shondaland is currently accountable for the Thursday trifecta of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal”, and “How to Get Away With Murder”; ABC will be presenting an added Rhimes-commanded spectacle, that will replace “How to Get Away With Murder” with “The Catch”, which will premiere midseason on ABC.


Production is changing up its slate with an extensive assortment of projects in the works at ABC—from a Catholic nun drama, a suburban singles comedy, and a Baghdad-set military drama project from another “Grey’s Anatomy” alum. (via Variety)

Rhimes, Goldstein, and “Still Star-Crossed” author Taub are all represented by ICM Partners.

Photo Source: Instagram/shondarhimes

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