Shooting at ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 5 Premiere Party

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Shooting at ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 5 Premiere Party
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In celebration of the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop” Season 5 on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, the cast and crew decided to party in a club. But instead of an enjoyable night out, they found themselves in the middle of a shooting by an unknown gunman.

On the night of the showing of the first episode of “Love & Hip Hop New York,” the cast and crew went to the Salsa Con Fuego in Bronx to celebrate. But just as they were having a good time, five gunshots rang in the air.

“Everyone ducked down and hit the floor. Just when people started getting back up and thought it was clear, three more shots went out and it was like a mass exit, everyone was just trying to run and get out of the club,” an insider reveals to

Cast member Erica Mena and her manager Albee were injured during the chaos. According to the source, Mena got a big bruise and a swollen lower back because people ended up stepping on her as they were panicking to get out.

Albee, on the other hand, was cut by a broken bottle, in contrast to rumors of him getting shot. He left in an ambulance and was given stitches on the side of his left eye.

“Someone did get shot last night but it wasn’t me. I got five stitches because someone hit me with a bottle. But whoever reported I got shot is full of sh*t,” says in Albee’s statement, as published on

The day after the shooting, rapper and cast member Peter Gunz tweeted, “Was a good time last night such a shame it had to end that way.”

He also posted a photo of himself on Instagram captioned with: “Im good… Got the F*ck outta There before It Jumped off…”

Meanwhile, an insider reveals to that Mena’s fiancé Bow Wow is upset over his girl’s injury.

“Bow told Erica he doesn’t want to see her in a dangerous situation. He said: ‘My wife’s not going to be in just anybody’s club. We’re screening your bookings from now on,’” the insider adds.

HipHollywood reports that as of the moment, the gunman is still unidentified. However, it was reported that someone from the “Love & Hip Hop” cast and crew were involved. VH1 has not made any comments regarding this incident.

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