Shortcut Romeo a Romantic Thriller

By admin | 5 years ago

Shortcut RomeoShortcut Romeo feels like an old masala movie and at the same time a spoof. It is about an unfaithful wife Monica (Ameesha Patel) and her lover (Jatin Garewal). They are seen making out in a golf course. The lover tells Monica that the first time you cheat, you feel bad about it but then it becomes your style. You might think that it was a joke but he is serious about it.

Director Susi Ganesan paces Shortcut Romeo at a lightning speed. It is filled with strange twists along the way. It is about a wife who cheats on her rich husband (Rajesh Shringapure). The wife is being blackmailed by Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh). He believes that the way to get rich is through shortcuts.

Neil plays the blackmailer to perfection. His eyes are expressive every time he thinks of milking more money from the cheating wife. He is happy whenever Monica gives him money.

But Shortcut Romeo turns bad when the protagonist goes on a Kenyan expedition. It feels like a botched tourism brochure. Then director Ganesan thinks it is a wise idea to play the husband’s friend who is a detective. The good thing is that it is just a brief moment.

Shortcut Romeo garners some momentum towards the end when Neil is trying to escape as the narrative follows him closely behind. The movie tries to teach about the dangers of yearning for material things. It shows Neil’s childhood and how he learned to be acquisitive, corrupt, and inquisitive.

The action sequences in Shortcut Romeo are good, especially the one with the African tribesmen. But on the bad side, the songs pop up at the most inappropriate times. But overall, Shortcut Romeo is a well-crafted cat-and-mouse game that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. It is enjoyable despite its flaws.

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