This Show’s Star Expects It To Reveal The Most Important Villain

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Show’s Star Expects It To Reveal The Most Important Villain
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Gotham is one of the most successful DC shows on TV. It has told the story of a young Bruce Wayne for the last three seasons and is slowly building up toward the young protagonists’ journey of becoming the world’s greatest detective.

One of the show’s star recently sat down to talk about the show and stated that he expects something out of it.

David Mazouz’ statement

Screen Rant reported that David Mazouz who portrays a young Bruce Wayne spoke about how the show is on the verge of introducing the final versions of popular DC characters.

Though it has not been confirmed if the show will immediately introduce these final versions, he stated that the show is slowly moving toward introducing the Penguin, Riddler, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman.

He also mentioned a name that is perhaps the most important one amongst Batman’s enemies, the Joker. Since most of the above-listed characters have already made their presence felt on the show, it is the Joker’s mention that has grabbed much attention.

Within the Batman-verse, if there is any character that is equally important, it has to be the Joker. His enmity with Batman spans decades, as many believe that Batman would not be who he is without his archrival.

Given that Gotham is the story of Batman before he came to be known as the famous hero, it would perhaps be the final episode that would introduce all these characters in full-blown mode.

Villains in Gotham

Many villains from Batman’s rogue gallery have already made it to the show. Fans have seen villains like Penguin, Fish Mooney, Ra’s Al Ghul, Riddler, Poison Ivy and others spread terror.

There was also a unique villain that created quite a stir. Cameron Monaghan played a character called Jerome Valeska, whose personality was very close to the Joker.

Since the makers never really confirmed if Valeska was indeed the Joker, arguments about that still continue. With Mazouz expecting that the show will finally bring Batman’s archenemy, maybe Valeska or someone else will make a return as that iconic character.

Gotham bringing Batman on the show?

This possibility was discussed earlier as well. When the show was in its early season, an update had revealed that that somewhere down the line, it would introduce a grown up Wayne taking the mantle of Batman.

But a moment like this would only take place when the show would approach its end. Ending the show by introducing Batman would serve the show’s purpose really well because it is the story of what happened in Gotham City before there was no Batman.

Additionally, if it is really decided that the show will bring Batman, there are some really good actors who could bring the TV version of Dark Knight to life. Just a while back Stephen Amell suggested that his cousin Robbie Amell would be a really good choice for the role.

It depends on the makers as to when do they decide to finally get to an adult Bruce Wayne.

Synopsis of Gotham Season 4

Bleeding Cool reported the synopsis of the upcoming season of Gotham. The synopsis states that the stakes will be higher than ever. Even though villains like the Court of Owls have been destroyed, Gordon and his associates will have their hands full.

The synopsis also mentioned Ra’s Al Ghul and Penguin’s name, which means they might have a bigger role to play in the latest season. It also revealed that this year’s Comic-Con would have a video presentation from the show, which will reveal more details.

Plot and Premiere date

Gotham is the story of how a young boy’s life changed post the murder of his parents. Vowing to protect the city, the newly orphaned boy set out on a journey of self-discovery and to train himself so that no other child would have to grow up without parents.

But before he can start protecting Gotham City, GCPD detective Gordon and his associates must keep the city safe. Gotham Season 4 will premiere on 28 September.


Photo source: Facebook/Gotham


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