Why Shy Zayn Malik Wants To Participate In Reality Show? Ex Fiancee Perrie Edwards Intrigued!

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Why Shy Zayn Malik Wants To Participate In Reality Show? Ex Fiancee Perrie Edwards Intrigued!
Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards just can’t stop pondering why Zayn Malik, her ex would want to appear in a reality show. Edwards finds Malik to be a shy person especially before the camera and is just confused. She has finally concluded that the former boy bander is in desperate need for some attention. But is it true?

The ex-fiancée of Malik, the “Little Mix” singer said that he “is just confused and desperate to fit in with the LA scene.” Edwards said that when in London, he often used to detest paparazzi for invading his privacy. And she is shocked that now he is okay with being followed by cameras 24/7.

An insider has told HollywoodLife.com that Edward has disclosed that Malik was never fond of reality shows. She said, “He always said they were too gimmicky and mindless.” Edwards thinks that Malik must be very lonely otherwise he would never do this show because he is every bit a private person.

While Edwards was busy giving reasons to Malik’s unpredictable choice, another article from Hollywood Life has collected some facts.

“Zayn is talking to E! and other networks about a reality show that will document his time after being in One Direction and working on his new music.” the outlet said.

Now it’s for the fans to decide whether they want to believe ex-fiancee’s judgments that Malik is seeking attention or on what major networks have to say. Whatever might be the reason for the former “One Direction” member wanting to do a reality show, it’s never bad to go on new adventures.

Fans would love to watch the reality show that would provide them all the tittle-tattle they want to know about Zayn Malik’s break up with Perrie Edwards, his relationship with Carlyn Bryan. But most of all the audience would get insights about his music career after leaving music group One Direction. The reality show would document the detailed process of recording of Malik’s first solo.

Photo Source: Zayn Malik/Instagram

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