Sightseers Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Sightseers Movie ReviewSightseers is a dark comedy made by Ben Wheatley. In the movie, Chris (Steve Oram) and Tina (Alice Lowe) are out enjoying the English countryside. What she doesn’t know is that Chris is a psychopath with a short temper. The two are seen travelling from one landmark to another, while they kill anyone who crosses them the wrong way.

The violent instances come from things that aggravate Chris and Tina. The murder spree doesn’t give them a feeling of entitlement. They just kill because they want the person dead. It is their way of enjoying their time together.

Sightseers gets its funny moments from the bookends that holds the scenes together. The movie features how Chris and Tina can justify their criminal acts by brushing them off as part of their holiday. At first it is just Chris doing the crazy stuff but as the movie progresses, Tina discovers that she can also do crazy things and actively participate in the killings.

At this point, there is a shift in their relationship. Chris tries to control Tina and keep her from going too far. Chris kills in a way that he is still in control of the situation and can get away with it. N the other hand, Tina is not careful and this is why Chris is worried about her.

Tina lives a sheltered life. When she and Chris are embarking on their journey, Tina’s mother tells her that she wouldn’t survive in the big world without her. She tries to persuade her daughter not to leave with her new boyfriend.

Sightseers is a good black comedy that might make you guilty for laughing. You will find yourself wanting to go on a trip to the countryside once the credits are rolling in the end. But you might not want to be friendly once you get there.

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