‘Significant Mother’ Pilot Review: Can It Last An Entire Season?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Significant Mother’ Pilot Review: Can It Last An Entire Season?
Significant Mother

It’s like “Stacy’s Mom” but in this case, it’s “Nate’s (Josh Zuckerman) mom” that Jimmy (Nathaniel Buzolic) is banging. Krista Allen who plays Lydia, Nate’s mom on The CW’s new comedy series “Significant Mother” has found love in her son’s best friend. How awkward could that be? The pilot has premiered and here’s a review:

Nate is a restaurateur who is very much busy with his career and left for work until he got home and found Jimmy, his best friend and whom he shared the house with, with his mom! And of course, Nate freaked out. Jimmy and Lydia try to contain the situation for not to get it out of hand yet they feel like they have a “mutual attraction” and there’s more to it than their one-night stand.

“Significant Mother” is like “Modern Family” that kind of sitcom style. Lydia has a tendency to blurt things out like she blurted out to her husband that she slept with their son’s best friend and then acted innocent and confused. It’s kind of weird.

The series is definitely one of your feel-good stuff but, will it be a successful run for its first season? Does this series really have what it takes to go through an entire season? Sure, “cougar-lovin” is definitely hot right now but the whole Lydia and Jimmy needs more time to get used to, though. Simply because Jimmy looks more than Linda’s son than Nate! And for a 26-year old, he acts like a kid as if it’s his first time to have sex. 

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