Silicon Valley Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 Third Party Insourcing

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
Silicon Valley Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 Third Party Insourcing
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Hey “Silicon Valley” fans!  It’s a great week to start off, especially by watching their latest episode “Third Party Insourcing” (Season 1 Episode 6).  The show kicks off when the team hired a young hacker named Kevin also known as “The Carver” and he being quite infamous, made Richard a bit nervous.  The scenes with Kevin aka “The Carver” were subtly funny especially when he was offered to work for the team. Read on for the “Silicon Valley” recap of Season 1 Episode 6 “Third Party Insourcing.”

Another hilarious scene in the “Silicon Valley” Season 1 Episode 6 “Third Party Insourcing” is when Gilfoyle introduced his Amy Winehouse look-alike for a girlfriend named Tara which caused sexual tension inside the house. Gilfoyle then confronts Dinesh that surprisingly, Tara is attracted to him and wants to have sex with Dinesh.

Meanwhile, Jared goes out of his way just to get Peter Gregory’s signature ns is being taken by a high tech driverless car.

Erlich on the other hand, couldn’t believe that Tara prefers Dinesh over him that he told Dinesh the reason why Tara likes him is because she is attracted to ugliness and that made Dinesh furious.

Inside the house, another tension is about to happen and it’s not sexual but intellectual tension maybe between Richard and Kevin but that won’t be for long when Kevin overwrite his whole system that he freaked out and open up to Richard that he did not really hack Bank of America’s network, the reason why he got his badass reputation.  He revealed to Richard that he worked there as a consultant and messed up their system as well and the reason why they did not sue him is that he made a deal he won’t ever tell anyone he worked there.  It looks like he’s going to make another deal but with Pied Piper this time.

Going back to Dinesh sexual dilemma, he can no longer hold it that he confronted Tara that he’s accepting the offer that’s incredibly hard to resist and that is to do it with her.

Tara was quite baffled about her encounter with Dinesh that he asked Gilfoyle for some explanation.  Gilfoyle sarcastically said that he was just messing up with Dinesh, what an awkward moment for the poor guy but he goes even with Erlich now as he come rushing in professing his desire for Tara, clueless that this was just Gilfoyle’’s mock.

The cliffhanger of the episode is when Jared awakes and finds himself inside a cargo boat with a bunch of driverless forklift trucks this time in the middle of the sea .

That’s the “Silicon Valley” recap of Season 1 Episode 6 “Third Party Insourcing.” Tune in regularly to Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about “Silicon Valley” as well as the latest entertainment news.








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