Simon Killer Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Simon Killer MovieSimon Killer goes on an inevitable trip to its titular end. The closer it gets towards the outcome, the worse it becomes. The movie is about a free man in Paris. It is about dislocation and alienation. It shows the tempestuous inner state of an American sociopath who thinks he is the good guy.

It is a mystery of a disturbed man who is slowly coming to terms with his past and relationships that go in a predictable path. It seems like filmmaker Antonio Campos is out of fresh ideas. Simon Killer feels a lot like his 2008 debut Afterschool that features a similar young man neurosis.

The opening sequence shows Paris through the eyes of Simon (Brady Corbet). He seems lost and never gets oriented in the foreign location. He talks about Michelle to a distant family connection who lets Simon stay in his flat for a week while he is away.

Simon’s loneliness increases during his long nights in the apartment. He tries to pleasure himself but does nothing to get rid of his lonesomeness. He goes out to town where he manages to get the phone number of a charming young Parisian, Sophie (Lila Salet).

His night out leads him to a sex club where he partners with Victoria (Mati Drop). The prostitute treats him like he is special. He tries to convince Victoria to take him to her apartment and start a relationship but his hang-ups as well as his interest in Sophie has resulted into new problems.

The problem with Simon Killer is that the titular character feels like a stock character. He classifies Sophie and Victoria as virgin and whore. Simon is too predictable that it is not a surprise when he starts to unleash the dark impulses that he has been keeping inside for a long time.

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